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  1. billysboots

    Marker on car

    Presumably when you and your car have been searched, the reason for the search has been explained to you? What grounds for searching have been given? Have you not been offered and given a copy of the search record?
  2. billysboots

    How are Raids planned

    Our raids are planned? Who would have thought it?
  3. billysboots

    When police answers phone calls

    Blimey. Writing this story is going to be a painful process! 😳
  4. billysboots

    Force Psychiatrist - terrified

    The question I have to ask here is of your first line manager. What support have they been giving you? Most forces have very defined sickness procedures and first line managers have responsibilities laid down within them. The buck stops with them to discharge those responsibilities. Two OHU appointments in nine months suggests very strongly to me that you have been badly let down. Don’t stand for it.
  5. billysboots

    Policing in the future.

    Mergers cost a fortune, which is why Forces never went down that route after the 2008 financial crash. Collaboration works in a limited fashion, but is not the long term answer. To be brutally honest, after yet another kick in the teeth over pay today, I could no longer care less. 27 and a half in and I’ve had the last remaining traces of enthusiasm battered out of me. Long term, this job is doomed. There is no escaping it. We are beyond broken. I can’t wait to retire, and when I do this dreadful excuse for a country will not see my heels for dust. Not the sort of answer you are after, I’m sure, but the sort you are likely to get from anyone more than half way through their service.
  6. billysboots

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Long since off the agenda. Why on earth are you dragging this up again? 🙄
  7. billysboots

    Writing witness statements

    1. No. Any police investigation where the victim statement has been taken by their spouse, police officer or not, would come in for huge criticism. I’m staggered you are even asking the question. 2. No. There is a world of difference between writing a medical statement and your own victim statement. Does she know all about the points to prove, R v Turnbull etc? What service do you have? These are questions I would not really expect a serving officer to ask.
  8. billysboots

    Ill Health Pension - should I or should I not

    My wife was ill healthed in almost the precise same circumstances. Same service, same illness, the lot. When we saw what she would receive pension wise, the question was simple. Did she want a career in the police or a job? She wanted a job - no aspirations in the cops, so the answer was an easy one. She signed on the dotted line, took the cash and we paid off the mortgage fifteen years early. Okay, so we won’t get two full police pensions, but we are seeing the benefits now, whilst the kids are still at home and my wife has none of the stress being a cop brings. I get enough of that for both of us. Our quality of life was more important than the salary - she now works part time, and with her pension is almost bringing home what she did before she left.
  9. billysboots

    Any New Direct Entry Detective Trainees on here

    I’m sorry to say this, Susan, but in the event you finally get in as a direct entry detective, and any of your new colleagues, uniform or otherwise, find out that you turned down an opportunity to take a more traditional route, you are likely to find yourself getting some stick. The police service have become obsessed with direct entry into certain roles, and as a time served DS I can tell you there is no substitute for a varied grounding in uniform duties before taking the plunge and becoming PIP2 qualified. It also disappoints me that Forces even contemplate offering a direct entry route into detective posts, given that many really good uniformed colleagues, who are chomping at the bit to become detectives, are never afforded the opportunity.
  10. billysboots

    Can you cause affray with a vehicle?

    The starting point is that a defendant must use or threaten violence towards another. That act would have to cause a hypothetical person of reasonable firmness, if present at the scene, to fear for their own safety. The hypothetical person need not be present. Take a person threatening to assault another. If that threat of violence is targeted directly at the victim there is no affray, as it is very unlikely that it could be argued that a third person would fear for their OWN safety. In the circumstances you describe there simply isn’t an affray. Driving poorly, even if it amounts to being dangerous, is not violence.
  11. billysboots

    Can you cause affray with a vehicle?

    An affray occurs when a person uses or threatens to use unlawful violence towards another. I’m not going to bore you with the technicalities, but the circumstances you describe do not come close to being an affray. You are describing possible road traffic offences, nothing more.
  12. I recall several years ago the then Home Secretary, Jacqui Smith, refusing to backdate a police pay award to the beginning of September. For years we'd been used to a 3% increase. Some said we'd become complacent. And then along comes Jacqui Smith. The pay deal, for the first time during my service, was not agreed until late autumn. And she refused to backdate it. I have never been so angry. In fact I was incandescent - how could a sitting Government kick their police service in the teeth in this way? Wind the clock forwards several years and I now feel exactly the same. The news first broke a few days ago that, at long last, HMG were going to ease austerity, take the advice of pay review bodies, and start to lift the pay cap. What do we get? More of the same. Amid media reports of the pay cap being lifted for cops, we get another 1% increase, and a one off non-pensionable bonus. The latter has to come from existing police budgets. Let's be clear here. A bonus is not a pay rise, regardless of how it's dressed up, and yet we have Steve White from the PFEW saying it's a step in the right direction. Like Hell it is. It's another cynical kick in the teeth and the press, media and hence the public are falling for it hook, line and sinker. Three years and counting. Can't bloody wait.
  13. billysboots

    Mopeds used in Crime

    Tpac quite clearly states if you have no tactics to bring a collision to a safe conclusion, there is no pursuit. Period. As such, the general rule of thumb is no pursuits of motorcycles, and anyone who does pursue one is likely to find themselves in a whole heap of bother. The only departure from the general rule of thumb is if the circumstances are so exceptional as to merit stopping an offender on two wheels that the benefit in doing so outweighs the risk.
  14. billysboots

    Traffic accident - Liability

    Sorry, what do you mean it's not for the police to apportion blame? Whilst I accept we don't play judge and jury, it's a basic police function to investigate collisions and it's something we've become exceptionally poor and very lazy at. To the OP - this isn't the sole responsibility of a solicitor and/or your insurance company, although the latter will be able to give you really sound advice. If you're not happy that this has been properly investigated (and in the circumstances as described I wouldn't be) then you need to take it further. There will be an admin function somewhere within every police force where collisions are recorded - the first thing to do is ask what investigation has taken place.
  15. billysboots

    Best CID shift pattern.

    Our Force no longer has a traditional CID. We have a crime directorate, divided into a number of individual units. The vast majority of specialist teams work predominantly Monday to Friday with skeleton weekend cover, meaning officers work probably one weekend in four. The team which comprises most staff, and investigates core volume crime, also dealing with all dynamic prisoners who come through the doors and are not destined for the specialist teams, work the shift pattern from Hell. They work seven weekends in nine, ludicrous amounts of overtime, and are all carrying crime queues lengthy enough to make your eyes water. Not surprisingly, no detective wants to work there. Despite it being bread and butter work.