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  1. anotherfineidea

    Emergency Lounge & 2015 ill health

    Long story short I am in a corner either up my hours or get ill health. My fed rep has told me, and he said he is guessing, I would get a 30K lump sum with apx 750 pm. The problem is I can't up my hours due to my health. This is an injury at work and I have 14 years service. I would like to have confirmation that the lump sum is about right or not as I have a civil claim going through. Does anyone know if the Emergency Lounge is near enough taking into account I am part 1987 and part 2015. Thank you
  2. anotherfineidea

    Sgts part 2 results 2010

    Wow ....well done everyone....I passed too! For those that didn't it was an awful exam.
  3. anotherfineidea

    Sgts part 2 results 2010

    For goodness sake! How long does it take! Exams started nearly 8 weeks ago....this has got to be the longest waiting time. Ridiculous.
  4. anotherfineidea

    Sgts part 2 results 2010

    I can't wait much longer .....just tell me!!!! Same here expecting a fail.
  5. anotherfineidea

    shift patterns

    But it is not 40 per week, it is an average. It will be 56 hours. Course it will work, we are professional people who already step upto the mark. There are however differences since the last time this was used and dependant on how busy your station is to how long you will be at work. We can not leave after 8 hours in the midst of a job. Even handing on can be a problem. Now we have to consider time it takes to get charging advice. Licensing hours being considerably longer. How long will it take to get through custody? Point I make is times do change and overtime will happen so the 56 hours will increase. Officers will work through these times but and this is the big one I hear all the time....when will I see my family? anotherfineidea2010-12-13 02:35:36
  6. anotherfineidea

    shift patterns

    7 on are 8 hour shifts.....56 hrs a week with a floating rd every 4 wks. There's variable pattern which is just that on start times or regulation set times. There are other 4 squad shift patterns I think but an facing the 7 on.
  7. anotherfineidea

    shift patterns

    It is going ahead.... April 2011 a number of forces. One force has it on hold. Who is it ultimately down to....good question......budget cuts push? What the public want to see more officers.
  8. anotherfineidea

    shift patterns

    Feetup....Working this ridiculous pattern how does it affect ot, sickness and fam life?
  9. anotherfineidea

    shift patterns

    Agreed however this was put to those in the tower and the reply was this was due to long shifts....these 7 on will be short ones of 8 hrs. Mind you who knows how much overtime will accumulate from no hand overs. Sickness will go up! So will divorce rate and the waist line!
  10. anotherfineidea

    shift patterns

    7 on 2 off is happening and causing extreme concern. Officers putting in for flexible working hours. Complete disruption too creating four new squads and yes we have been told we are lucky to have jobs. Dark times ahead for sure.
  11. anotherfineidea

    shift patterns

    Some forces due to change to 56hr shifts with a floating rest day somewhere every four weeks. 7 on 2 off. Public first family second ....all because of budget cuts? Yes office staff do run at lunch breaks which we are given breaks although ours are paid breaks theirs are not so it is their hour.
  12. anotherfineidea

    Sgts part 2 results 2010

    Umm year before it was around the 3rd. Maybe the pigeon got lost.
  13. anotherfineidea

    Sgts part 2 results 2010

    Why does it take so long? I was expecting them early this week....not confident it will be good news though