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    Promotion Boards - Outdated or Not?

    Having been an assessor for over 15 years I can advise you that there is more to the board than just being able to do the job. Having interviewed literally hundreds of candidates it is often not their job experience that seperates them. Many people are capable of the next rank but at the end of the day it is a competition and only the top few candidates survive. Ask a senior officer (those doing the interview) whjat they are looking for. Yes they will say the competencies, experience etc but if pressed they will also say loyalty., trust, integrity, role model, enthusiasm, dynamic, self awareness, etc. All skills which although very difficult to assess are there in the mix and do count. Does that make it unfair? Some academics might argue that is the case but assessors are human. The best candidates are those self aware individuals who seek hard often painful feedback from their peers, direct reports and supervisors and act on that feedback. And then of course there is developing your Board skills to present yourself in the best possible light. Not easy but who said it was ever going to be easy. A person I recently coached who came top of their board spent well over 40 solid hours practising. Not preparing - practising and getting feedback from colleagues. Stick with it.