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  1. Crackingjob

    Sad loss of Police Officer

    I feel very humbled by the strength of David, that despite his long illness, he still showed determination and dedication, above and beyond that which many could cope with. My condolences, to his wife Almina and their three-year-old daughter Amelia, and his wider family.
  2. Crackingjob

    Pleb man / Plebgate

    I don't think the officers who spoke to Pleb Mitchell, lied, they only were ecconomical with thier immediate view of the meeting no more than any MP or union rep would be in industrial negotiations. I also feel the likes of Mr vaz and his committee should try to restore trust buy demanding of Mitchell the WHOLE truth! This is political Police bashing with a view to the upcoming general election
  3. Crackingjob

    No 1 dress

    I don't want to start an argument...the question was about No1 uniform....and obviously its different ships different cap tallies...ie we are the same but with different routines dependant on where you are etc..so if your rules say wear op kit fine!...just look smart in it.
  4. Crackingjob

    Winsor in uniform

    It would be more appropriate for a randomly selected PC each year to represent us and to lay the wreath on our behalf at the Centataph
  5. Crackingjob

    No 1 dress

    I posted something similar earlier I hate seeing Officers looking scruffy in front of the cameras, public or court. If able for an event other than normal duty, then shirt, tie and if available, tunic (if not a fleece), makes you look smart and business like...people have confidence in that. What I do hate..uuggggh...is the black crew neck wicking shirt open to the chest hair. Its ok if running around and need to vent some heat...thats fine, but when at a public meetings or on TV or court, zip it up so it looks smart. A few minutes being 'strangled' is of no matter when you look smart (if you can) in the ex SAS style kit we seem to wear. I have seen some horrid sights at meetings, presentations and court. Its all about looking the business at appropriate time.. so yes appropriate kit for rolling around on the ground...and yes I do think we should have a No1 uniform available, even if like D&C you have to borrow from stores (I am ex regular now a SC and have mine still...and I fit in it...just!!) and if going to go to court wear a tunic or shirt/tie and fleece (put the fighting kit in your vehicle..its nearby if you need it..just carry your radio) as there is security at courts (which is another subject..should there be a court police force these days? since local forces no longer provide security or court officers. Its a challenge but being smart shows you take care and pride in ALL you do...sometimes its accepted you can't be smart due to an incident etc, but your not going to be like that all the time
  6. Crackingjob

    No 1 dress

    Look smart be smart and they'll think your smart....simples!!!!!!
  7. Crackingjob

    Winsor in uniform

    Signed. If he must appear then morning suit and top hat...very toff!
  8. Crackingjob


    Having read through this very looooong subject, I think we are missing the point or two. Who cares about the SC ranks, it’s only for ‘internal’ man management of the SC’s. regulations, clearly show no SC outranks a Constable. Introduce them a Mr or Mrs etc or ‘our Special Constables etc etc etc’ Yes I fear for the future of the Police Service and the cheap ways that successive Governments have misused the service, discredit it and then find cheaper alternatives. PCSO's are not what I understood them to have been, and now dress and are given powers within a hairs breath of those who are warranted. As a result they are placed in an impossible position and at times danger. There will have to be a service as we know it, but I fear Government are breaking us into 2 or 3 tear service. ie local borough Police(PCSO?) Regional (Regulars as we know) and National ( a UK FBI) However until then we have the system we have, and we have to defend it. The Specials are part of that and have existed since BEFORE Regulars, often called upon at times of local and national crisis (ie war when most regulars would be called up or transferred to CID or SB in the most and SC's have to be called up to cover). Part of the problem is that nobody has an idea what to do with SC;s. Yes some papers have been written, and some areas use them for community Policing support, or train them to support operations ie licencing (Pubs and Taxis...i seem to remember Nottingham doing that). They are regarded the same way that some parts of the Armed Services regard the Reserves/TA. However thay have to be utilised in a different way from Regulars, but have basic skills to back up and support..ie statements, crime recording etc and leave interviews , pursuit driving etc to the professionals. What we have to do is find that 'other' role. ie. If I re-joined the RN as a reservist, I would not be used in my main warfare role due to advancing technology and requirement to be upto speed, but instead i would be used for Ship or Establishment protection, or on logistics role....therefore SC's having learnt the basics, should be utilised for support in a community patrol role, tasked for particular problems, events and public order. Also use thier local knowledge or skills to support specialist teams ie two i know are in the motor trade, ideal for assisting traffic or NBM's with road/vehicle safety. SC's need a proper role, rather than condemn them we should embrace them. We have one here in Camborne who has retired as a Regular and come back as a SC to be an adult leader for the Community cadets (kids aged 13-18) and support the training new SC's locally (strictly the basic 16hrs a month minimum only and no running out to repeat glories of the old days). The attitude is that is like joining the reserves and acting in a different role than he has before. Its no small task, as he has to ask himself what did he want from and SC he was crewed with when a Regular, and should Regulars have to be forever babysitting. The standard of selection for SC's is mixed, with some whom you wonder what on earth they are doing there and some who should be PC's or PCSO's. His aim is to locally at least to bring up the basic standard of the SC's and support the local SC (Inspector?) to find the appropriate role for them. In the past I have known stations in Cornwall, support and ensure thier SC's are trained up to the basics and find relevant roles or patrol support activities, lessening the bad feeling and making best use. The anti SC and Regular sentiment that purveys from some on this site and the Other site is not helpful...when it comes down to it we have to ask, why are we serving (paid and unpaid) and how do we best serve our communities. I think the saying is BUILD A BRIDGE AND GET OVER IT! Crackingjob PS if you are wondering...yes I am that Officer at Camborne who retired and became a SC. I am one of two...the other is a Sgt who is overseeing his marine crime initiative. Our reasoning...serving our communities.
  9. Crackingjob

    Praise of Police Speak

    As seen on BBC news http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/magazine-22295624 Wonderful
  10. Crackingjob

    No 1 dress

    Swing the lamp...I can remember the days before Airwave, in rural Cornwall, reception was dire (something to do with hills and granite), I had a list of my local phone box numbers and shop telephone numbers, so i could get long complicated messages from the Comms room....oh and I looked a Policeman and not a rejected SAS trooper
  11. Crackingjob

    No 1 dress

    D&C no longer issue tunics, unless Sgts and above (or old like me)...BUT you can borrow one from stores for special events...then have to grovel for issue of white shirts also. We even have PCSO's who borrow Tunics from stores for awards events, Remembrance Sunday etc. I still have my Tunic (just fit in...good indicator if getting fat), and wear a whistle as a remembrance for a late retired Officer who taught me much. I really hate the current work dress when worn at presentations, looks scruffy, untidy and unprofessional...I do not wish to see any chest hair other than my own thanks very much. Its for work not special occassions. Beg or borrow (not steal) a tunic, get some decent trousers and shirt (with tie) and look professional. ps... whistle was 3 blasts to summons assistance, 1 blast to get attention of someone...or so I understand
  12. Not wanting to open old wounds...but two years on whats our views now. I know Simon has moved on from SC, and has not regretted his service.
  13. Crackingjob

    PC to Prison

    He got off light compared to a PCSO from Cornwall. http://www.thisiscornwall.co.uk/Camborne-Redruth-PCSO-Peter-Bunyan-gets-seven/story-18461510-detail/story.html#axzz2OD0vKUiG
  14. What have I said...!!!! dont argue!!! calm down...but seriously its a sensitive subject re SC especially after West Mids sent A19 letters to regulars with a suggestion of joining the SC on retirement!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that caused problems PSNI have proper Reserve (all interestingly are Constables no rank)...is that the way forward?? For me I will have to see if I can just transfer over on recomendation and not as some Empire builders suggest go through the full selection and probation which is a bit a insult
  15. The regs state that a SC (irrespective of rank/grade) will not out 'rank'(if thats the word) the Constable he/she is with, and quite right, though SC's come with other skills and it has been a delight in my service to have these people with me (ie. its amazing what a Halfords manager and a Kwikfit manager can spot on a boy racers car thats not legal...especially tyres before they get out of the car!) As a total twist on this subject....I leave the regulars in 2013 and though fed up with the day to day situation in my force and feel its time for a change of life style(getting old etc) , I don't want to make the mistake of walking away as I did when I left the RN and not join the RNR and keep in touch and make use of my skills...so have (it must have been a nightmare) considered joining the SC...anyone know of other Regulars who have done this...after all the SC is the services Reserve!