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  1. Goldtop

    Help for Heroes

    I love this site and do shop from it rather a lot. I'd do anything to help our troops. Support our troops cos no one else can fill their boots. I could get on my soap box about the lack of support from the powers that be but don't fancy kicking off. I have the medal badge on my work tie and another on my jacket I wouldn't be without it and there is a large number of people where I work who wear them.
  2. There is also www.helpforheros.org.uk
  3. U'll just have to imagine it then!!!!
  4. Yes but I've been very good since I've been back at work. I've even been sweet and nice to some of my collegues.
  5. I wouldn't have thought so!!!!! I'm sure there will be people who will be happy to tell him.
  6. When I'm good I'm very good but when I'm bad I'm even better!!!!!! Anyway I'm already a good bad girl.
  7. You have no idea what goes on behind my closed doors. I could turn your hair pink!!!!!!
  8. Goldtop

    Essex Police, again

    If you call the HR dept at HQ on 03003334444 they should be able to answer all the questions for you. How ever I do know the shift pattern is being changed back to Mon to Fri 0900-1700. But then when you are on the Probationer Unit it changes again.
  9. Yup, confirmed yesterday, he's the new big boss man. He's an Essex lad coming home. However he's never worked for Essex Police before.
  10. Had he stopped when requested to by the officer and not made off he'd probably still be here. He must have had something to hide to make off like that. He's big enough to be responsible for his own actions. It's the officer that I feel sorry for.
  11. Goldtop

    Happy Birthday

    There wasn't any on the list but it doesn't stop me buying some. I did get a few new ones on trips out over the last few months, Got one that's from We Will Rock You and one for my star sign.
  12. Goldtop

    How old you really are!

    I've come out spot on at 27.
  13. Goldtop

    Happy Birthday

    Hi all, Thank you all had a really good day, seeing people some of whom I still count as friends. Got the new Bond film which I will sit and watch tonite with ice cream. Got a fantastic cookie jar with Eeyore on that I love it's so cute!!! Sister got me a toy to stick in the car window which is nearly as cheeky as me!!!! My mate and her son got me a small choc cake which lasted about 3 mins including the lighting of the candles. Just means 3 yrs til the big 30!!!!!
  14. Goldtop

    Finally He Gets The Message!!!!!!!

    She seems to have a passion for making sure staff under her command are as miserable as she is. Morale is a word not in her vocabulary, but then probably neither is the word morals!!! She just seems to change things for the sake of it most of the time without looking at how and if can work for the force. My lot are still picking up the pieces and we still can't change some of the things she implimented. No wonder Essex is at an all time low.