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  1. coponthecorner

    Mobile 'Phone use.

    ...I'm retired and only deploy this technique when in my own car I hasten to add...
  2. coponthecorner

    Mobile 'Phone use.

    ...if I see anyone passing me using a phone, I just wind my window down, shout "get off your f*****g phone numbn**s" that usually does the trick and no one has threatened to pull my head off yet for pointing out the obvious...
  3. coponthecorner

    Spit Hoods.....

    "There is an awful trend of these devices being misused and being used in a way which tends to impact minority ethnic groups, those with mental health challenges, those with learning difficulties."...why? Corroborative evidence please.
  4. coponthecorner

    Naughty GMP

    ..what would have happened if he'd ran in shouting "top of da mornin' to yer sor..."
  5. coponthecorner

    Hillsborough Verdict

    ...OC, I would venture that if any of the supporters OUTSIDE the ground had been criticised in any way shape or form then there would have been an outcry, and also once any blame was directed at anyone other than the emergency services and the ground it would have detracted somewhat from the crucifixion of said emergency services and that wouldn't have been on, you cant sue an anonymous hooligan moronic element ...
  6. coponthecorner

    Hillsborough Verdict

    ... David Crompton suspended over his response to Hillsborough...
  7. coponthecorner

    Hillsborough Verdict

    ...stop me if I'm wrong but I've never heard anyone mention the fences that were installed in football grounds (which physically if nothing else prevented fans from escaping the surge behind them) because of the hooligan element who would regularly run on to the pitch for a punch up endangering innocent supporters... Strangely enough I was listening to Paul Ross on Talk Radio this morning and there was a solicitor on who had represented one of the families and she was given a considerable amount of air time to reiterate the verdict and to vilify the people/organisations found culpable by the jury. Then a man from Leeds who had been in a pub across the road from Hillsborough when the tragedy was unfolding started to explain that there where Liverpool supporters in the pub prior to kick off and that thousands attended outside the ground who apparently didn't have tickets, he was suddenly "thanked" for his views by Ross and then cut off...
  8. coponthecorner

    Missing Police Officer

    ...another Dennis Nilsen..?
  9. coponthecorner

    Officer seriously injured.

    ...Zulu, apart from paying lip service (and I haven't even heard that from any politician yet) do you honestly think they care...?
  10. coponthecorner

    Police oath

    ...I think therefore I am..?
  11. coponthecorner

    The Referendum Discussion

    More than 200 bosses of small firms have signed an open letter urging Britain to leave the European Union.The letter urges Britons not to listen to "a minority of managers from Britain's largest companies" who want Britons to stay in the EU.The letter says: “Recently much has been made of the support given for our continuing membership to the EU by a minority of managers from Britain's largest companies, but little attention, as ever, has been given to the stance of SME's in this debate. SME's are the incubators for tomorrow's success stories. Our businesses thrive because we instinctively understand that flexibility and adaptability are key to our long term success. We employ the majority of the UK's workforce. As entrepreneurs, we deal with the EU's constant diet of unnecessary regulations which add to our cost base, reduce our bottom line, and raise prices for our customers for no return. We believe in the future of our country. We believe that our economy can do better and create more jobs, without being held back by the EU, thus we should vote to leave." Who do you believe, CEO's of multi-nationals, or the people who actually strive to better themselves and the country without interference from an expensive, overblown "old boys" club?
  12. coponthecorner

    The Referendum Discussion

    RM, as you will know, in 1991, the Sangatte Protocol was signed between France and the UK to protect our borders, an agreement that provided for border checkpoints to be set up by France at Cheriton in Kent and for border checkpoints to be set up by the UK at Coquelles in France. The Protocol was brought into effect by the Channel Tunnel Order 1993, it has nothing to do with the EU, so why would France do away with this agreement other than sour grapes and a case of throwing their teddy out of the pram? And if that is the case, and I can see no other reason, do we really want to be associated with them anymore?
  13. coponthecorner

    The Referendum Discussion

    ...the BBC online news seem to think the Calais crisis has something to do with the referendum... http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-eu-referendum-35712463
  14. coponthecorner

    The Referendum Discussion

    ...and why are my previous comments "not really anything to do with the referendum"? Does not the migration issue have any bearing on how some people might vote in said referendum?
  15. coponthecorner

    The Referendum Discussion

    RM, I will take my punishment for accidentally posting on the wrong thread. As for this particular topic being discussed before, the only other reference (and I will stand corrected) I can see on this thread is the one by OAH, a full 9 minutes after my inadvertent misdemeanor. Again, the only rhetoric I see coming from the IN crowd is regarding the doom and gloom that will befall us if we do leave, and I have yet to see any proof of the benefits that are being presented in the places I that I am obviously not looking in.