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  1. I suppose you have to look at who causes or has the most accidents. Is it the younger drivers or the elderly? I would suggest that the accidents the elderly have/cause are in the main relatively minor whereas a lot of those involving younger drivers, owing to higher speeds, tend to be more serious.
  2. Feetup

    Search on Sir Cliff Richards home

    It was meant as a bit of light hearted banter. If her husband is or isn't a bobby isn't relevant, it was just conversation.
  3. Feetup

    Search on Sir Cliff Richards home

    Well, all I can say is anyone who would dump Sue Barker when she was a teenager must have something wrong with him Isn't her husband an ex-police officer turned gardener?
  4. Feetup

    Decline in Numbers

    It's in the non-police chat section. Much to Silverplated's disgust
  5. Feetup

    Decline in Numbers

    It was actually Blunkett, hence the nickname - Blunkett's bobbies.
  6. Feetup

    Define 'Front Line'

    Uniform response, traffic, dogs, support unit. That's about it, although that's not to say the others don't play their valuable part. Call takers? Never. And, where do traffic wardens come into the equation? I thought they had been got rid of years ago.
  7. Feetup

    HMG Culls House of Lords and Commons

    You've got the wrong Blair there. Lord Blair is the ex Met commissioner. As for the Middle East Peace Envoy, he is conspicuous by his absence.
  8. Feetup

    HMG Culls House of Lords and Commons

    You're right OAH but it just highlights my point about how it alienates the public. Miliband goes on about equality etc etc etc blah blah blah but he is just as bad as the rest. Every time I see LORD Kinnock my skin creeps. as for LORD Prescott i just get this picture of him screwing his secretary under the desk. Not a pretty sight. And they are the best we have???????
  9. Feetup

    HMG Culls House of Lords and Commons

    This really sticks in the craw. And, what's more there is absolutely no attempt from Cameron or his cronies to try and justify it. Makes me bloody sick and will be more ammunition for those who are sick to the back teeth with politics and politicians generally.
  10. Feetup


    Taken from wikipedia; Financial declarations[edit]In May 2012, Warsi apologised for failing to declare rental income in the House of Lords register of interests. Declaring the fact of income, but not the amount, is necessary for rental income over ₤5,000.[50] Parliamentary expenses inquiry[edit]On 27 May 2012, criticisms of her claims for parliamentary expenses were reported. The Labour Opposition urged a full police investigation into her expenses after it was alleged that she claimed up to £2,000 in despite staying rent-free in the London home of a Conservative Party donor, Dr Wafik Moustafa. Moustafa claims that he received no money from Warsi. Though he stated it was not personal, Moustafa was in a political dispute with Warsi concerning the Conservative Arab Network.[51] Labour MP John Mann intended to refer the claims to the Lords Commissioner for Standards, but Warsi pre-empted this by referring them herself.[52] Warsi was ultimately cleared by the Commissioner for Standards in July 2012.[53] Breach of the Ministerial Code[edit]Sir Alex Allan found Warsi to have committed two breaches the Ministerial Code, though he concluded they were minor and noted that she had apologised. The first was in relation to a trip to Pakistan where she failed to declare that she was being accompanied by a business partner but Sir Alex found that even if Lady Warsi had declared the relationship it would not have prevented the trip from going ahead. The second was when she invited her business partner (Abid Hussain) to meet David Cameron at a number 10 Downing Street Eid event.[54] The Conservative Party leadership was criticised in some quarters for holding Baroness Warsi to account on the Ministerial Code while apparently having a more relaxed approach to Jeremy Hunt, who was Culture Secretary at that time.[55] Following the publication of the report, David Cameron said Baroness Warsi would be keeping her job. I think that says it all about her. No doubts she ticked two boxes to get her (now previous) job.
  11. Feetup

    Boris for leader?

    I can't help thinking of Boris, although entertaining, is a buffoon. Still, he can't do any worse than Cameron who has been singularly unsuccessful.
  12. Feetup

    Erm, why was this in court?

    No doubt there will be a discrimination case to follow from the officer concerned.
  13. Good points, Pigman. I know an FLO who started seeing a widow whose husband was killed in an RTA. He left his partner for her but it didn't last and needless to say his ex remained his ex.
  14. Feetup

    Ed Balls' court case

    He's already proved he can't run the country. And yet some want to put him back in post. Unbelievable.
  15. Feetup

    Ed Balls' court case

    The colour of the party isn't entirely relevant in this case, it's the dishonesty that matters when he expects us to trust him to run the country efficiently (something he has already proved himself to be totally inept at). But, he and his wife have previous in relation to that. Of course, they are not alone in the House for doing that.