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  1. Quite often so called psychics become police psychics as that information fed into the process of what they try and take as reward for brilliance. On one of my cases a so called person suddenly stated he was psychic and that historically what I had found of a location he had drawn a map of. That information went to the client he had found as his visions. Result, he is convinced of his map and so is she. On another note on ebay there are essays for sale and I have reported this many times. My own dyslexia is a problem but I have passed all by no special means other than the use now of computer. But I have not cheated, the results and understanding are what you are tested on, not oratory skills or a good grammar essay with no understanding. It has to show how you understand it. Another person will apply a differing logic and style to the question. Hence to steal someone else's work as your own is stealing by deception. How far is that person going to go to do what they want. One such case in point is Sion Jenkins. He wrote of things he could never have studied as he had no Gordonstown education, no Open University Honours and no qualifications in any of the subjects he taught on, he taught by plagiarism as he had to make the job fit what he knew. That is graphically how using others information to gain advantage is plagiarism academically and vocationally. He still states he has taken Masters level courses to make reasoned debates. To understand a subject you have to have taken the course and applied it to the subject matter. Have I won my case?
  2. I suggest you attend Cranfield University as this is the one on courses if you have a degree, or are in a profession that needs this information. I would and cannot divulge my training with the Open University on such subjects as it is a set of courses in the Masters in Forensic Psychology and as such the whole set of Psychology were tested before and applied. I recommend Brent Turvey of Forensic Solutions as distance learning. Really to do a thesis it is not our opinion but that of Bibliography and as ex forces my experiences in the 60s and later are closed. I wish you well, but a thesis of this sort is one where you attend Cranfield paid for by the Army of course. I would and do not take hearsay as I am a bonafide researcher and can reference my sources. References to material is essential and not ethnography of this genre. US.
  3. Profiler

    Hello from the Editor

    ITV 1 'In the line of Fire' UK, and Sky. 7.30 pm - 8.00 pm 5th August. PC David Rathband, blinded policeman in Northumbria.
  4. Profiler

    Hello from the Editor

    PC David Rathband. I am in contact with Darren, his twin brother who is in the Oz police and the Facebook site is 'Get well soon PC David Rathband'. Darren can be contacted by message inbox. Everyone is sharing their support and best wishes and moral supporting comments on Get Well Soon PC David Rathband', Now on ITV 1 on the 5th of August this week at 7.30 - 8.00 pm the programme listing has changed, instead of tenants from hell, it is 'In the Line of Fire'. Here PC David Rathband is seen as he is, and on oral morphine taking the stage on national television talking to the public and the team of ITV1 in what will be like Simon Weston an ongoing report of his life and how he copes blind and from the ordeal. I wish to share this with every police unit, and every officer so spread the word. This for Bill Barker too who lost his life on Workington Bridge stopping a double decker and saving the driver on that flooded unstable, buckling bridge. However, knowing Simon Weston and being ex armed forces I know that being on the end of a gun when there is someone unstable is a fear we hope we will never meet. PC Rathband on a bridge on the motorway faced such a killer and his executioner. He did not succeeed, God intervened, that is why PC David Rathband on ITV1 should be watched and given a medal, support and recognition. I know you all agree, so tell your section, Chief Constable and the line of the time. ITV1 - 5th August 2010- copy it or record it and be sure you support him as he is one of us all whatever uniform we wear, or have worn as veterans as the Queen's Badge we represent and attest on parade - always.