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  1. Reynard10

    Police oath

    Thanks Zulu, that's the answer. I wasn't being mischievous, no intention anyway. I never mentioned agreeing or disagreeing with any law. All I wanted was an answer to a question, I didn't anticipate being questioned about my length of service, education status, satisfaction at work, compentancy; I suspect that if someone with 16 years in is asking this question - it must be quite a stir? I guess no one asked any questions in his lessons (especially the art / social sciences, which he piles together with hints of disdain) for fear of having a discussion. Good grief, dealing with children is hard work!!
  2. Reynard10

    Police oath

    All this assumption is tedious. I hope you don't investigate crime in the same manner!! A : assume nothing. B : believe no one. C : challenge everything.
  3. Reynard10

    Police oath

    No more dissatisfaction than any other force :) Tbh it's generated debate within my colleagues. Thank you HM service, I still don't have an answer.. We are servants of the Crown and must abide by the oath, where does our duty to enforce other crimes lie?
  4. Reynard10

    Police oath

    Assume nothing, asking this question merely created interest. I assume :), the replies so far are poor attempts to discredit me for asking a question!? I expected intelligent answers / debate, rather than cheap jibes.
  5. Reynard10

    Police oath

    I have 16 years service, but that's irrelevant. I have a degree in chemistry, but that's irrelevant too. I'm not a freeman and pay my tv licence :) Just asking a question that has caused a bit of a stir at work :) Our Oath defines what a police officer must do; keep the peace, protect people and property. That's it. There's no ambiguity or method of reading this correctly.
  6. Reynard10

    Police oath

    I will, to the best of my power, cause the peace to be kept and preserved and prevent all offences against people and property; and that while I continue to hold the said office I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties thereof faithfully according to law. Quick question. . Why do we enforce 100's of laws and statutes that have nothing to do with our oath? Eg: Drug laws and driving offences.. What would happen if we choose to only uphold laws as described in our oath!?
  7. Reynard10

    Posted to new nick

    Hi all, I'm a police officer and have just been told I'm being posted 15 miles away from next week.. Where do I stand on this?
  8. Reynard10

    Cancelled rest day

    Hi all, We have a major event every 5th November in Sussex - Lewes Bonfire Night. This is planned months / years in advance.. We have just been told that half of our team have to work a long shift when it would normally be a RD.. Where do we stand..?!
  9. Reynard10

    Employee Survey

    We've just had our chief post results of our employee survey.. He got on you tube to talk about some of the results.. Like when asked what "we" thought was going well the biggest answer was "nothing".. Anyway.. We can't get access to the results for each question, we could in previous surveys.., our chief has glossed over the results, summarising some key points and not revealing how we answered the questions... Staff morale is at an all time low and I feel our Sussex CC is attempting to keep the results hidden.. Can a serving officer request a FOI request to obtain the results?
  10. Reynard10

    Court warning over leave

    I didn't think that rest days attached to annual leave were paid as annual leave.. Has this come into legislation then..? We (in CID) regularly get court warnings over annual leave periods. As far as I'm concerned it destroys your leave as you're kinda waiting for the withheld number to ring on your mobile phone.. The compensation's good but leave is sacred!! I've been recalled to duty once already this year for court and have 2 court warnings over my next period of leave. I am sick of this!
  11. Hi All, Just wanted to get your thoughts on our endless court warnings over pre-booked annual leave. I've searched regulations and can't find anything that states we need to be contactable on leave.. If you book leave then get warned for court, should you tell the job you plan to go away last minute.. Or just go..?
  12. Reynard10


    Hi all, I recently suffered a serious injury but took no time off and went straight to work. I was due to attend a specialist clinic at the hospital but had to cancel due to court appearance. I re-booked it for a RDIL the same week given to me for the court appearance. Court has now been cancelled. My RDIL is now a working day 8-4. and my appt at the clinic is near enough at the start of this shift. My boss wants me to change my shifts or take AL to accomadate the specialist clinic. This is surely not fair given I'd made every effort to change the appt to fit in with my RDIL!! Where do i stand..??
  13. Reynard10


    A typical example of a system purchased by the top brass.. That they will never use, not tested by the troops then forced upon us.. They are even calling us "resistant to change"!!! You couldn't make it up..
  14. Reynard10


    Hi All, just wondering whether your forces are using this "new" system which has the appearance and feel of a computer program made in the 80's.. Well we've "upgraded" to this system now.. No-one knows how to use it - the most user-unfriendly system ever imposed on us and now they are threatening us with PDR entries and unsatisfactory performance if we keep making errors.. These errors are simple to make in what must be the most complicated, unintuitive system our force has ever used.. Progress..
  15. Reynard10

    Do I have to wear a tie?

    Ties are unhealthy - they rarely get washed and for that reason have been barred from the NHS for some time. They are dangerous - wearing a noose round your neck whilst interviewing / arresting a suspect.. They are sexist? - Women don't wear ties.. Can "they" force you to wear one?