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  1. foxymoxy

    Sgts part 2 results 2010

    OMGGGGG I passed too really can`t believe it as I was convinced I`d failed! congrats all , good luck to those still waiting...
  2. foxymoxy

    Sgts part 2 results 2010

    fingers crossed for all us waiting!! I`ve been told by or force(North Wales ) that they should be out w/c 13th and probably on the 14th... hope yo all get the right results! Keep us posted!
  3. foxymoxy

    Next years exam

    I agree with the guvnor( not often that happens! LOL) I studied( for the 4th time this year and using Blackstones manuals, Blackstones Q&As and Tom Barron Audio CDs- if I can do it anyone can! Good luck
  4. foxymoxy

    Tired of waiting

    yes North Wales did too- result and feedback on same email
  5. foxymoxy

    Opsre Part 1 and Methods of Study

    Echo the above by Richy - was my third and final attempt at Part 1 - wouldn`t have sat it again had I failed. First two times I used online stuff etc and largely ignored books. This time stuck to the books and concentrated on the hot topics I got from the checkmate site. I also found the checkmate audio discs invaluable - just used those to/from work etc and even while doing the ironing LOL. Big tip is to learn the case law from Blackstones inside out.
  6. foxymoxy

    Tired of waiting

    me tooo yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! all that work worth it! few drinks later to celebrate! well done ev1 else!
  7. foxymoxy

    Tired of waiting

    Just got in from work- North Wales - see they`re out but not here Very well done to all that passed - I`ll ring our HR tommorrow- I`m off so either way will have a few drinks! Hopefully to celebrate! Watch this space.........
  8. foxymoxy

    Tired of waiting

    6 weeks doesn`t seem a long time but it`s starting to get to me now- I`ve also been offered a new role and seen jobs advertised but all dependant on how I do in the exam..oh well maybe this time next week. I felt ok after the exam , as time has gone on I`m convinced I`ve now failed!! fingers crossed for ev1.
  9. foxymoxy

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    And star747- the exam has no bearing on real life or the situations you would deal with as a sgt - you just need to have your head in exam mode and completely forget real life.I was once told on my CID course many years ago - ABC - A- Accept nothing , B- Believe nobody , C- Challenge everything. Works in real life policing - not in the exam world. You accept what you read , learn it and move on- the fact that you would deal with disciplinary matters as a sgt is irrelevant- so too is the fact that you would rarely detect some of the terrorism offences ie a person failing to inform a police officer if they have information etc- if they dont tell us how do we know they haven`t told us , so how do we know an offence has been committed? ?
  10. foxymoxy

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    i used the q&a books of blackstones as opposed to discs- i found the exam qs were v similar to the actual exam qs. bt u always come out thinking u done rubbish or feeling confident- only time will tell as lets face it who can really remember what the questions were never mind the answers u gave LOL ?I`ve done the debrief whwn I got home - then started doubting myself when I actually thought about it. Hey ho- what will be etc- that was my third and last try- i put the effort in and if I dont pass its obvious I never will as I`ve worked my ass off this time. Hope everyone gets the result they deserve. For now forget about it, chill out and enjoy the free time !
  11. foxymoxy

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    eeeeeeeeekkkk i was thinking the first 10 were the ones I deffo knew! On the face of it - in comparison to the 2 previous exams I`ve done thought it was a fair exam with fairly straightforward questions and very few ambigious ones. We will see in 6 weeks time - LOL For now few well deserved wines and all books packed away !
  12. foxymoxy

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    Good luck everyone- if we dont know it now we aren`t going to tomorrow! I agree- 55% seems dead easy but it`s not! - i`ve done it twice before , once before the set pass mark came in when it went on average result and they chose a top percentage and once in 2008 when i got 52.7%(grrrr) - really didn`t pt the effort in though when i realise how much I`ve studied this time and how much more I have taken in. I guess sitting on the comp for hours with a q&a disc loaded and the internet in the background doesn`t count as studying LOL !! So this time I abandoned the discs , have used blackstones, tom barron crammmers, blackstones books q&a and a tom barron audio crammer(phew) no wonder I`m seeing gibberish.My reasoning being - if I don`t pass it this time with all this study it`s not for me and I`ve decided this is my last time:). GOOD LUCK EVERYONE - roll on tomorrow to get it finished!
  13. foxymoxy

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    I`m getting in a panic now LOL- confusing myself-I`ve studied since November and its driven me nuts I think- got the audio crammer on my mp3 permanaently and Blackstones are like my bible! ROLL ON TUESDAY I need a good few drinks .....good luck to you
  14. foxymoxy

    Ospre Part 1 - how's the revision going?

    I am so glad I`m not the only one seeing gibberish when I thought my study had gone ok - gl with it 2 days to go!