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Everything posted by gripper

  1. gripper


    I do hope it's not a Police officer who parked it nose in!. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. gripper

    Tonight the night

    Very true, but I fear the shops selling all the costumes and decorations will call it harmless fun!.
  3. gripper

    Donald Trump

    I feel sorry for America having to choose between these two muppets.
  4. gripper

    How has the Police changed you as a person?

    I can still spot a wrongun.
  5. gripper

    Leigh Day

    As ambulance chasers go this lot are the pits!.
  6. gripper

    Fracking licence Granted

    I remember swampy moaning when we lit a fire and the fumes were going down his tunnel back in the late 90s in Crystal Palace. Haha what a shame.
  7. gripper

    Fracking licence Granted

    I wonder if the great unwashed will be turning up to demonstrate.
  8. The ones with white tops to their hats are not milkmen but traffic officers, or Rats to the rest of the Police.[emoji242]
  9. gripper

    Senior Police Woman Suspended

    I think we need to nip this in the bud[emoji3]
  10. gripper

    Election Results

    God I hope so.
  11. gripper

    £50 Pay Cut!!

    True, well they've been doing it for a number of years already, so why stop at 1% pay rises, removal of CRTP and increased pension and NI contributions, why not have a 1 or 2 % pay cut as well. I hope the witch of Maidenhead isn't on here.
  12. gripper

    £50 Pay Cut!!

    Yea but, that's not a pay cut it's a change in circumstances, and foreign aid isn't backhander's either.
  13. gripper

    State Pension

    CP, you have found a new job for when you retire!, rewriting gobbledegook from UKgov. By my reckoning with 38 years at the serps rate I will only have to work just over a years for the full pension, unless they change it again.
  14. gripper

    The moans and gripes thread

    Yea, I walked the dog this morning at 0800 and it was only 18C.
  15. gripper

    Officer seriously injured.

    Yes it's a dangerous job, let's hope they all make a full recovery.
  16. gripper


    Let's also consider people who rarely get sick, I was fortunate to only go sick twice in 21 years, once when I ended up in hospital for 2 weeks and when I had a small operation on my hand. For some unknown reason I never caught something bad enough to put me in my bed. I do think there is untoward pressure put on people by the sickness regime within the job, they are crawling into work or using annual leave to keep their sickness down which is wrong.
  17. gripper

    The Referendum Discussion

    The total for Spain is probably 30-50% too low, due to the fact that most who live here permanently aren't registered as such. I know people who have lived here for many years who are still shown as living in the UK.
  18. gripper

    Any advice for a newbie?

    You only have to look on this and other forums to see that Google has been deactivated in many cases, I knew when I first joined that there was a bit of salary loss without google,forums,farce book etc.
  19. gripper

    PC Dave Phillips - Verdict

    That means less than 10, disgusting.
  20. gripper

    Cabinet Resignation

    IDS said he no longer had any political ambition.........there goes that flying pig again.
  21. gripper

    Scottish Deficit

    You forgot Jimmy Cranky.
  22. gripper

    Scottish Deficit

    Maybe an extra tax on Bucky..........Only joking[emoji33]
  23. gripper

    Police oath

    I think the oath has changed in the last few years from the one I swore on, I have never heard officers pointing out the differences in its content. I think it's more of a symbolic event when joining up, and the only people who seem to mention it are Freeman of the land.