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  1. Hi, i have seen on another forum mention of a new recruitment process within the Met police in regard to specials. This refers more specifically to the removal of role plays from the Day 1. Does anyone have any information on this? Thanks
  2. ag309

    Met Specials application

    GOOD NEWS! I can apply to the met police now. Applications are force specific, so if failing for the Specials with one force, I am allowed to apply to another without delay. I have gone through my online application with the met, just making my final touches now!
  3. ag309

    Met Specials application

    so is it 6 months you have to wait to reapply to any other force in the capacity of special constable? or can i try with a different force...little bit worried that ill have to wait another 6 months if its the former!
  4. ag309

    Met Specials application

    im just worried that they will fail the application if they find this out and then i will have to wait another 6 months from now!!
  5. Hi, Im a student at exeter university normally living in London. I thought that id apply to the specials here to get some experience before applying as a full time officer in London after graduation. Unfortunately I failed in November for Devon and cornwall Police Specials. Do I have to wait the full 6 months before applying to the met? as on their application form it only asks whether you have had an application for the Met in the past 6 months... Cheers