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  1. Met at heart

    Working After A20 ill health retirement

    Hi Tommo, Many thanks for the quick response from one Black Rat to another !! It was general advice I wanted nothing legal. My old colleague hasn't yet got a job after ill health retirement due to arthritias but went down the job centre to sign on and to get her stamp paid ! Someone said to me a while ago that the job look at your tax code intermitantly to see if you are working and what you are doing. I know a few years ago some Essex officers who retired with bad backs were recalled after being found to be working for a landscape gardening frim - bit extreme but I didn't want my old colleague to fall foul of this. Thanks for the good advice Chris
  2. I retired two years ago on ill health grounds after being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease in 2006. A former colleague has just had a A20 retirement and is now seeking employment outside of the job. Will the individual be allowed to work after ill health retirement ? If they can work outside of the police why can't they carry on in the job some may ask ? Please can someone advise. Thank you.