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  1. kevinh

    Death of an Officer

    Puts all the crap we deal with into perspective.
  2. kevinh

    Death of an Officer

    Our thoughts are with his family and colleagues. No one I supose can imagine what can be in the mind of his family who saw him off to work or hout serious injuryout from parade on his tour of duty. It only makes me gratefull that I got to the end of my 30 without serious harm. My thoughts and that of my family are with him and his nearest. I am sure his new relief are a good bunch.kevinh2007-05-06 22:50:57
  3. We would have probably paid for her to have driving lessons subsidised by the taxpayer. kevinh2007-05-06 21:58:02
  4. kevinh

    Essex Police - What a mess

    Tallpaul847 You seriously would be better of not listening to all the negative stuff written here. Make your own mind up. Despite the number of pages devoted to this subject you may not find it as it seems. A lot that post here have their own agendas. Essex may have its problems but so do all other forces. It would be entirely wrong of the negative views here to start you thinking at such an early stage that Essex may be a s--t force as you put it.
  5. kevinh

    Essex Police - What a mess

    Nothing ironic here really an officer arrested after an allegation made. Mind you it gives the essex mob something more to harp on about dosent it.
  6. kevinh

    Essex Police - What a mess

    However I would not close it as it probably saves Essex Police a lot of money in OH Therapy by officers being able to vent their spleen here rather than do it at work. It’s a bit of a public service really isn’t it? I suspect that senior management in EP probably think the same.
  7. kevinh

    Essex Police - What a mess

    I note in one of the posts that this topic is a way of letting the public know about EP plight. Going through the posts it would seem that the majority of MOPs (One) reading this topic are one of out most prolific contributors. Out of interest how is this getting your message out, what ever that message might be to a wider audience.
  8. kevinh

    Unhappy Bunny!

    Chicken Having read this I had to go and have another large scotch. Have you ever thought about using the train
  9. kevinh

    Essex Police - What a mess

    Please read the forum rules. I dont think its rocket science. Sadly MMBM there appears to be a general feeling that you (not particulary referring to you in particular) can say what you like when you like. So throwing in the odd bit of abuse is ok because it shows that persons feelings. I really think the plot has been lost hasnt it? kevinh2007-05-05 16:50:37
  10. I found a truncheon which appeared to be made of something akin to balsa wood equally effective when I was threatened by an individual with a gun Blimey, different worlds.
  11. kevinh

    Essex Police - What a mess

    Dreddy Its a shame you feel like that, your sharp wit and old fashioned sense of what is right will be missed. Your right also the increase in abuse on the forum and name calling is really more an indication of who your dealing with rather than a judgement on the posts attracting such comments. In any case thanks for your participation I am sure others will not be far behind you.
  12. kevinh

    Latest On Pay 2007

    By all means go on strike. One point though, which of you bold souls is going to volunteer to do the time in prison. No the goverment could not sack 130000, but I am sure it would save a bit of cash on salary and be happy to put it into the cost of a few show trials and terms of imprisonment. I susupect having served for 30 years there would be few stepping forward. Its fortunate you have the talking shop of this forum.
  13. kevinh

    Essex Police - What a mess

    You really do yourself no credit with name calling and the like. Muppets are they? Strikes me that at least they put on a uniform with little support and even less thanks. Not much training and shoved in to plug the gaps. Muppets well you dont see many of them on here standing in judgement do you. Im sorry but if any have you have served in any force you will know that there were enough that could be termed that with full training, powers and pay. Give them a break.