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  1. dicky625

    Ethnic Police Quotas

    If people from certain communities don't want a JOB in the police, they don't have to. Give the job to the people who want it and are capable. If the senior police or public feel that the police don't fairly reflect the community they work in then its up to the public to apply and do something about it. London has such a vast multi-cultural population whereby a lot of the cultures have traditional lifestyles and stick to their communities. This means language and social differences. Whilst I respect the 100's of different cultures I feel that on issues such as language there isn't enough effort being made by the public. I'd like to think that I would be able to deal with any incident I came across in any part of England without the need of having to rely on a colleague becuase he or she comes from a particular community and speaks they're language or simply because they would prefer to speak to him/her becuase of how he looks compared to me.
  2. dicky625

    A Very Worried Newbie

    I shouldn't have thought that your families background will have too much of a bearing on your recruitment. I know people in the job who themselves have had brushings with the law in the past before they joined and they still got in. I think its great that you have decided to do this at your age. I wish you all the best with it.
  3. dicky625

    Gobbed on

    I remember when we got back in the van he said something to the effect of "There are just some things I won't tolerate" and it was never mentioned again for the rest of the shift.
  4. dicky625

    Gobbed on

    Reminds me of a story about one of the lads on my street duties. He was trying to treat a victim of an assualt as he had been cut down the length of one side of his face. He was drunk which didn't help matters. The PC was doing his best to try and restrain the victim so that he could treat his wound until the ambuland arrived. The victim got really hacked off and didn't want the PC touching him and gobbed a load of blood all over the PC's face. I mean it went everywhere. The victim then said "I hope you get everything I've got!" Obvioucly he was nicked. I saw the PC a couple of days later and he was well upset as he had to start on a course of medication. I'm not sure of the outcome but I think that the CPS were running with attempted murder, as the guy new he had some disease, (i don't know what). I know the PC is fine now but the side effects were terrible he said. On a funny note , I was with an old sweat once who got gobbed on ( a proper greeny) by a teenage chavy girl, the type with the hair gelled to her forehead and 'masseave' gold earings. It was hilarious as she got him right on the forehead. He was so composed and got out a tissue and wiped it from his face. He then, from the bottom of his gut, honked up a shed load of flem and spat right back at her. Poor girl...it nearly knocked her over, there was that much.
  5. Thats hilarious. What an idiot. If he has talked about the job he does to some stranger than he deserves anything coming to him but i don't see why he should get in bother for the pics and the flirting, apart from a slap on the......wrist. If he's in to sending pics on the internet, thats his business and all he risks is embarassing himself. Thats my opinion anyway. Hilarious nonetheless
  6. dicky625

    Snoop Dogg - a dangerous dog!

    Bring back def leppard and whitesnake...and get rid of all this rap tripe. I am one of the younger generation and Ican't stand all this hip hop rubbish. I can' understand what they're saying half the time. I think its great that he wasn't allowed in, may be next time he comes he'll have a little respect for the public and more importantly the law. Now "pour some sugar on me....."
  7. dicky625

    what's in your warrant card holder ???

    One of the first pieces of advice I was given wsa to always keep a fiver in the warrant card in case you needed it for a brew. Never worked though, as if i needed cigs I always knew i had the fiver so didn't bother going to the bank.
  8. dicky625

    Letting the side down.

    Apparently as well as the fines he was ordered to do 120 hours unpaid work. Was charged with going equipped to cheat. He was able to use the same voucher for 150 points each time as he used a self service till each time and would sometimes scan it a few times when all he bought was a newspaper....(this is what I have read)
  9. dicky625

    what's in your warrant card holder ???

    I know...and sleep. Night folks.
  10. dicky625

    what's in your warrant card holder ???

    I can't deny it...even when i'm in my pj's. Its wierd, I can't wait to rejoin so I've got a legit excuse to do it.
  11. dicky625

    what's in your warrant card holder ???

    I thought that you were docked two days wages if you lost you warrant card and under certain circumstances you could face disciplinary? However I can't be sure as I was never (luckily) in that position.
  12. dicky625

    what's in your warrant card holder ???

    LOL exmet...thats brilliant. I know exactly what you mean about layin in to a supervisor on those occasions. I dropped my in the yard once(only time it has left my back pocket) as I got in to the car. Someone had picked it up and handed it in to station office. I went through my whole shift without realising (don't know how). I only noticed when I wanted to draw out some money on the way back to the nick. Instant panic set in and my body was frozen in the seat. I couldn't move for the fear of what was going to happen to me when my guvner found out. He was mental. I was dreading the punishment he would dish out especially only being a probby on the team. Anyhow station office was the first place I went when I got in to see if it was handed in. I asked the station officer VERY queitly has anything been handed in that may be of interest to me. "Yes" she replied very innocently "I've given your warrant card to your skipper" "Oh cr**....why god why". Was my initial response as it was a new skipper and I didn't know how she would react. Transpires she took it very well I thought, as she had me playing pig in the middle in the yard with her and my team at 10pm at the end of the shift. Guvner didn't find out so it was ok.
  13. dicky625

    what's in your warrant card holder ???

    Funnily enough he wasn't given any nicknames but calls over the PR often came with "Mc" in front of everything. He was attending "McRobberies", "McThefts" etc for ages.
  14. dicky625

    what's in your warrant card holder ???

    It honestly couldn't have happened to a better person....I can't stop laughing to myself....it was lost forever. Some lucky sod will be gettin free transport with that warrant card, and for pulling that off he deserves it. I'm sure macdonald vouchers are still stuck to the front of his locker even to this day I'm told.
  15. dicky625

    what's in your warrant card holder ???

    Talking about a warrant cards in the back pocket. (chuckling to myself). There was an old sweat on my team. The area car driver. Really cocky bloke, arrogant as they come, ugly as sin but could really woo the ladies, a right old gobs****. All in all though he is a really good bloke and always had your back when it came to the crunch. Anyhow, (really laughing now). We were on earlies and he went to maccy dee's for some grub to take in for refs. He was in full uniform in the queue along with a colleague. Story goes that he was chatting to a lady in the qeueu at the time but I can't confirm that. He ordered the food, reached in to his rear pocket (for the warrant card with money in it) only to find his heart skip a beat realising that it wasn't in his pocket. After patting himself down he realised he didn't have it and went back to the car to have a look but to no avail. He didn't turn up for refs that day as he was filing a report for a lost/stolen warrant card. An officer dealing with the report went to Maccy dee's to to see if there was any CCTV. There was. Not surprised the officer saw our area car drive chatting up a lady while a scrot had picked the card out of his back pocket. I haven't seen the video but was told that the funniest part of it was his face when he realised it was gone as he franticly ran his hands all over himself in front of everyone to trying to find it. Thats cheered me up for the night remembering that. Brilliant.