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  1. Graham

    School isn't all good

    I had a friend who hated going to school. He told his mother that he didn't want to go as all the boys & girls bullied him & called him names. His mother said that he had to go as he was the headmaster.
  2. Graham

    3ws The Manner House

    requiring the use
  3. Graham


  4. Graham

    Hijack 1

    It may betoken good luck, but not for the spider I'd expect, with the coming of the large hand to squash it or brush it off, accompanied by a good bit of screaming.
  5. The mosque example is aposite to this Peter Clarke's case. Because the police were restrained by CCA, there was a period of three years where Abu Hamza & his supporters were able to say what they liked about what had happened, unhindered by any response from the police or government, giving them time to build up a greater degree of support within the muslim community. It would've been good if some meaningful response could've been made earlier to try an counter these people's efforts. Indeed the police had wished to, but they kept to the requirements of the CCA. In the radio podcast, much was said about proofing juries from interference. In the United States, a few states allow jurors to be interviewed outside the jury room by the media while they are about their deliberations & jurors there may give opinions. There is no evidence from those states that such activity is affecting defendants' abilities to receive fair trials there. Perhaps the proposal first made in the 1980's of "professional" juries might help, if enough people could be convinced that they could be trusted to return fair verdicts?
  6. Graham

    Ronnie Biggs refused parole

    If Biggs & co were the same age that they were in the 60's & were to commit the same crime, or something similar, now I think they wouldn't have been sentenced to anything like as long as they were. Indeed, commentators in 1963 had said that the sentences they'd got were steep. It was thought by some that the Establishment had wanted to send out a warning to any others - this was the beginning of the so-called "Permissive Society" - to 'keep their place'. Certainly the sentences were not uncalled for. The train driver had been repeatedly battered & later died. What upset me as a ten year old boy, & in later years, was listening to lots people expressing a wish that the driver had died within a year & a day of the robbery & then all of the robbers could've been hanged. I was of the view that the driver shouldn't have died at all. But, yes, it has amazed me how attitudes have changed in regards to what is a fitting sentence for various offences. Although various governments have interfered greatly by providing sentencing policies designed to cut the spending they've needed to make on imprisoning people, I've often lately become of the opinion that some judges seem to approach sentencing in the manner of having closed their eyes, crept forward little by little, then administered a sharp slap on the wrist & then retreated rapidly out of harms way. Perhaps this because of a culture within the judiciary resulting from that interference? If it is, there is no wonder so many people don't worry too much what happens to them after they've been arrested.
  7. Click Bankers who return to excessive ways will be 'brought back to earth', warns Alistair Darling........... That'll be interesting. Perhaps they could then tell Darling what it's like, as I'm not sure what planet he's on.
  8. It's OK. I've paid the electricity company's bill, so you'll be able to use the computer again.
  9. Graham

    3ws The Manner House

    until the fuse
  10. Graham

    Mixing "Toys" and Power Tools

    It would make my leg very stiff, or at least I think it's my leg.
  11. Graham


  12. Graham

    3ws The Manner House

    into a maelstrom
  13. Graham

    RSPCA Involved

    Yes, thanks Fenris. I was mistaken there.
  14. There were ten candidates, though only two made it through to the final round. I dare say that when the next election comes about there'll be a similar number of candidates.
  15. Graham