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  1. Hi, Having decided to apply for the Specials, (instead of a f/t Officer at this moment) I was wondering if anyone could give me some info on what the actual reality of the role is really like. The website (police Scotland) states, they have 'similar powers to that of police officers' and that they 'work alongside our police officers' But what I'm looking to find out is are they just used as extra (dogs)bodies to 'pound the beat', and make up the numbers? or do they ever get opportunities to work / secondments in specialist departments? Are they part of the response team getting stuck in, or left to do the menial paperwork? I'm not naïve in thinking they get involved in high profile cases etc, but a good bit of variety would be good.. Any info would be great, Cheers
  2. alberto

    Decision to join...or not?..

    Yes, very true. Not until I wear that uniform myself. What 'unpleasant aspects' are they ? lol
  3. alberto

    Decision to join...or not?..

    Thank you for your replies. At the moment I'm thinking the specials is the way to go. I understand it's not a foregone conclusion I will be accepted. But I feel it's the only way I will get to see first hand how the job is. I can dip my toe in without giving up my job and security I suppose. I appreciate personal experiences can change opinions, even from week to week, and that everyone is different. So I won't really ever know until I wear that uniform myself. I'll no doubt realise quickly (just like the fire service) that watching tv programmes is different from reality! Lol From the outside looking in, the job looks interesting, diverse and full of opportunity. I still feel it's the career for me in the long run. But hearing serving officers opinions (in person and now on here) makes me hesitant to jump in with two feet. I would be stupid to not listen to people/officers when they literally say "are you mad?".. "Don't do it".. Etc Keep the opinions (from both sides) coming! :-) Cheers
  4. alberto

    Decision to join...or not?..

    So as a serving officer, would you recommend a career in the police? What negatives / positives have you experienced? Cheers
  5. Hi. First post on here. Looking for advice from current serving officers, probationers or specials constables. Basically, Do you advise a career in the police? I am currently a firefighter. Always been interested in jumping ship to be honest. As I feel the police has more variety in terms of general duties and more importantly career development. But the so called negative aspects put me off. I.e. Shift pattern (non family friendly ) , rest days cancelled?Called to court following a nightshift? 'Hated' by society? lol I've read a lot of officers are leaving? Is there low morale? I am contemplating the specials, basically to see for myself before I take the plunge! Think this would be a good idea, or are they used as dogs bodies who don't get involved in the interesting stuff and would this put me off? I'm sure there is good points to the job, (maybe I've been speaking to the wrong people so far) so would be glad to hear opinions or any advice. Cheers
  6. Hi there, New to the forum. Hoping for some advice.. Im a firefighter in scotland, although now looking to apply again to the police (as its what im more interested in doing). My question is regarding the vetting / personal disclosure admissions... Should I admit to experimenting with soft drugs (hash) when in my early teens (im now nearly 29, married) I obviously despise any drugs now, dont smoke / rarely drink. Would this admission at the application stage go against me and my application be binned, or would the police realise that in the real world probably 90% of kids have tried these things? Any advice / comments would be much appreciated.