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  1. skydiver

    Spit Hoods.....

    I've pulled a woolly hat down over someone's face and mouth to stop them spitting at me. I found it quite funny when they complained that they couldn't breath whilst being able to shout at me through the hat!
  2. skydiver

    Spit Hoods.....

    Last time the story was prominent a human rights group said that the police already had enough tools to deal with spitting without using spit hoods. I'm still wondering what they meant exactly because I don't think a stern shout of 'don't spit at me', the application of handcuffs or even a swift tap with an ASP will do much to stop a vile cretin who is intent on degrading me with their disgusting behaviour.
  3. skydiver

    Donald Trump

    Its interesting to see the BBC headlines stating that 1000's of people are protesting against Trump. Last time I checked there were 250m people in America so the fact that 10,000 people protested against Trump must be outweighed by the 205m who weren't protesting, but which carries most weight in the eyes of the BBC?
  4. skydiver

    Donald Trump

    Oh dear In some ways he had better try to do everything he had pledged otherwise the more red necked of his supporters will try to lynch him, but if he fails then those supporters will also leave him in droves at the next election. He seems to appeal to a large number of people who are frustrated with the status quo and who feel locked out of the current political system in the US. Clinton in many ways summed that system up but it could also be seen in the number of Republicans disowning him as the campaign went on. Trump also represents many of the things that Brexit voters were also looking for i.e. a leader or a campaign which listened to their concerns rather than playing lip service to them.
  5. skydiver

    Jobs aiding Polic application

    As Jmmurphy said being a SPC can help and I would say that customer service jobs can also be a bonus as you'll get chance to learn how to talk to people as well as putting up with abuse. Having said that I've got 'turkey plucker' on my CV and that hasn't done me any harm!
  6. skydiver

    Facebook & other social media

    Facebook causes the police a lot of problems but its also a good tool to use. We deal with a lot of playground name calling harassment by people using social media although there are genuine cases of serious trolling as well. FB also shows would be burglars when people are away or that they have bough the latest gucci accessory, and it can show peoples regular movements which could potentially aid a serious attack. It can also help us because of some of those things as it can give evidence of relationships or even show when people have been bragging after an assault or robbery. You can restrict your privacy settings to 'just me' by going to the padlock icon on the top right hand side. It can show you what people can see about you and how you can restrict access. Restricting your profile though will only do half the job if your partner continually posts about you and what they are doing.
  7. skydiver

    PCSO Patrol Boots and socks

    They should be fine. It tends to be stitches on the toe end of the boot certain Supers don't like as I learnt from bitter experience.
  8. skydiver

    PCSO Patrol Boots and socks

    Try on a few pairs because as you said you'll be in them for long hours at a time so try to find a shop to go to rather than buying online. They'll also need to be black and plain.
  9. skydiver

    Judges rule on Brexit

    £ up on the decision and so are share prices.
  10. skydiver

    Stuck on the fence..

    Yep plenty of PCs start as a PCSO and apply as and when PC recruitment opens although some forces have a stipulation that a PCSO must have worked in the role for two years before they can apply to be a PC.
  11. skydiver

    Stuck on the fence..

    There shouldn't be a problem with going to the SPC event whilst going through the PCSO application process however if you are successful with the application you can't be a SPC at the same time. Police staff can however be SPCs. As to which is best experience there are pros and cons of both. Being a PCSO is a full time role and you'll see a lot of what a PC does whilst building up a thick skin and learning how to deal with people whereas as a SPC you may only be gaining a few hours experience per month whilst also holding down a full time job, but then you'll gain experience of using your full police powers.
  12. skydiver

    A Good judicial Result-almost

    That might be the case but when you see murderers getting the same or less then in that context it is a good result.
  13. skydiver

    Orgreave Inquiry

    I heard Diane Abbott on the radio news earlier today. She sounded like she was almost crying with emotion and called the striking miners at Orgreave something like 'the most honourable men in the country.'
  14. skydiver

    A Good judicial Result-almost

    The company had a dash cam in the cab so presumable they could check to see if their drivers were using mobile phones at the wheel or not, so they had the opportunity to back the pledge up with a hard and fast sanction if they had wanted to.
  15. skydiver

    A Good judicial Result-almost

    The best deterrent is the chance of getting caught but with the decreasing number of RPU and response officers on the road, that chance is getting smaller. This sentence however highlights the serious effects of using a mobile phone so in that way I hope that it will act as a deterrent to some people.
  16. skydiver

    Oh, we have some money after all.....

    The £10bn pledged by the Tories as a real terms growth in NHS funding by 2020 is looking like a gross exaggeration with a lot of the money being moved from general social services to the main NHS budget i.e. robbing Peter to pay Paul, whilst the base line year to judge the increase from was historic i.e. 1 or 2 years earlier than the pledge was made. When all this is taken into account the real 'real terms' increase is more like £4.5bn which is still a sizeable increase but not the £10bn pledged.
  17. skydiver

    A Good judicial Result-almost

    I agree. It won't bring the family back but it is a very good sentence for the offence and hopefully it will act a a deterrent to others.
  18. skydiver

    Chances of joining at 18?

    I don't think any particular force is more or less likely to recruit you at 18 years of age so you may be better off looking at which forces appeal to you most in term so location or if they are recruiting anyone or not. I'm not a big fan of young recruits having tutored one and seen most of his equally young cohort quickly fall by the wayside but having said that I know other officers who started at 18 or 19 who have gone on to be great PCs and sergeants. The horror stories I have seen include student officers who had never been up after 1 am or who couldn't speak to victims of crime on the phone let alone in person and who were down right dangerous when out and about with their tutors. The lad I tutored from that cohort though was very confident and has proved to be an excellent PC. I would hope that with an army cadet background you would have some of the confidence I found lacking in the other students so hopefully that will stand you in good stead.
  19. skydiver

    Appealing Things On An Application/CV

    One thing I have found with the youngest student constables I've tutored is a lack of maturity, a lack of backbone and a massive amount of naivety and whilst some older students are poor a greater percentage of the younger students I've seen fall into that category so getting the sort of life experience which comes with age will help but you may need some patience. There are plenty of exceptions to what I've said and I tutored one 18 year old who was superb so hopefully you fall into that category. Good luck.
  20. I think I've mentioned this before on the forum but I think its worth mentioning again given the news that the lowest paid in society had the largest % pay rise last year. This came about because of the 3% rise in the minimum wage and when the living wage comes in they will continue to benefit. All that is all well and good but MPs will also benefit because future increases in their wages are now linked to the average rise of public sector wages. Any above inflation rise in the min wage for state sector workers will therefore translate into a wage rise for them which is also above inflation rate. IIRC MPs got a 1.5% pay rise this year whereas we got 1% and this is likely to continue next year. That 1.5% was of course on top of the 10% they also got late last year so nice work if you can get it and another fine example of us all being in it together.
  21. skydiver

    MPs Payrise Linked to Rise in Min Wage.

    MP's salary increases are now linked to the average rise in public sector pay rises hence the over inflation rise this time around as the min wage rose by 3% with the majority of state employees being paid the min wage. I guess the number of cooks and cleaners for example on the min wage far outweighs the number of consultants on £100k pa so the 3% pay rise given to the lowest paid means that the average pay rise across the public sector ended up being 1.5 or 1.3% which is what the MPs were therefore entitled to. And of course they can't complain or do anything about it as their 'independent' body IPSA has arranged the way their future pay rises are calculated. Its interesting to make a comparison between IPSA and the so called 'independent' police pay remuneration board which is appointed by the government, answers to the government, is staffed by academics i.e. has no police on it, has parameters set by the government and which only considers submissions from other bodies such as the Fed. Our board is not independent and does the governments bidding whilst IPSA is not independent and gives MPs an arrangement which leads to a much higher pay rise than many in the public sector.
  22. skydiver

    Failure to Investigate Perjury

    LEGAL DISCLAIMER Our standard disclaimer: This forum is not intended as a legal advice drop-in centre. Please note that comments and advice given here with the best of intentions by the host, moderators or other users of the forum may not be correct, and that any advice given, in particular advice on the law and its application, is no substitute for personal legal advice from a solicitor. We do not feel that this topic is suitable for further discussion on a public forum and therefore this topic is now closed.
  23. skydiver

    Failure to Investigate Perjury

    Sorry Rache but this forum wasn't set up to discuss individual cases or to give advice in that regard so I'm going to lock this thread.
  24. skydiver

    Joining the police with a degree

    1 - yes no maybe 2 - 2 years 3 - yes. A degree won't make any difference whilst you are a PC or sergeant but it may start to make a difference from CI and above depending on the degree and what the current buzz words are. You'll be a probationer for 2 years and during that period you can't apply for specialist positions so your dreams of traffic, firearms, CID or neighbourhood will have to be on hold for at least that long. Also some specialisms have to be reached through other specialisms as a stepping stone. Special branch or CID for example will mean becoming a DC first and spending time or other more general investigation units first whilst you gain experience and contacts.
  25. skydiver

    The General Effectiveness Of The Police

    I'd say that we keep a lid on things i.e. we stop things getting out of hand with anarchy taking over. The evidence for that are the 2012 riots when we got caught flat footed giving some people the idea that we couldn't control the riots. Of course we also get a lot of help from the majority of people in society who want safety and security because without them we would find our job to be impossible to do.