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  1. skydiver

    Research for script

    I'm not going to say anything more specific than England.
  2. skydiver

    Research for script

    Dan....Ask away.
  3. skydiver

    Direct Entry...Everything!

    I think I detect a touch of Sarcasm in your reply RM I'm not against trying new things in the police but what I don't like is to throw out things which are tried and tested and provide a good overall education. Working on response develops a lot of basic skills which help in the future wherever that officer ends up, but if you start in a specialist role you will have missed out on a lot of the basics as well as not having an understanding of what your response colleagues have to put up with on a 24/7 basis. All I can see this doing is widening the divide between uniform and no uniform roles as well as missing education in the basics of investigations such as trying to get the best early evidence from the rambling drunk at 3am.
  4. skydiver

    Role play exercises

    Each one has the same level of difficulty and will test your understanding of the competencies. The only thing that I can suggest is that you should be prepared for the role play to start as soon as the door opens so don't expect a gentle start from the actor.
  5. skydiver

    Research for script

    Oh and another thing most of us go by our first names when at work no matter if they are specials, PCs or DCs. That starts to change when people talk to sergeants or inspectors although that tends to be informal, as well as senior officers we don't know when things become more formal.
  6. skydiver

    Force Interview (Leicestershire)

    The competencies will come in useful as well as a good understanding of your application form, but its been a long time since my interview so don't take my response as gospel as things change. If it is the stage of the process you may find that its more of a rubber stamp exercise than make or break unless you say something really stupid. Good luck though.
  7. skydiver

    Research for script

    It depends who is talking to them. Most members of the public don't know the difference between a special and a PC so they'll use the same terms for both such as officer, plod, PC etc. Full time PCs refer to specials as specials or in writing SPC. Specials just like a full time PC get instructions from control, fellow officers, sergeants and Inspectors, depending on what is being asked.
  8. skydiver

    International Transfer

    Not yet. Seriously though, I love my job but there is a massive amount of anti police BS floating around. I can accept that from some of the buffoons we police but the lack of support from HMG annoys me.
  9. skydiver

    International Transfer

    We're bobbies so we're always moaning and always saying that moral is dropping but I think that these concerns have more substance now than ever before. We have gone through 5 years of ill thought 'reforms', pay freezes and under inflation pay rises, budget cuts and job cuts, anti police hysteria from the media and HMG, which has taken its toll. The government has been trying to apply free market principles to the police whilst failing to acknowledge that we don't work in a free market way and therefore those principles aren't relevant to us.
  10. skydiver

    Direct Entry...Everything!

    POis now reporting that the MPS is going to open up the scheme to outside entrants. They have had 81 applications from SPCs and expect to have a cohort of 50 starting training soon and will advertise externally in the near future. Lynn Owens from the NCA has suggested that social workers would make ideal candidates! Personally I can't see why she would think that because my cynical reaction is to ask how someone who works 9-5 and takes a huggy fluffy approach to issues would have a hard enough attitude to work long unexpected hours and to take tough decisions for investigations.
  11. skydiver

    International Transfer

    The general impression I get from comments on forums and Facebook is that police in Oz are treated better than in the UK and get a lot more support from their government than here. The pay is also better in Oz albeit the cost of living there is also higher. If moving to WA police is anything to go by (I know its the reverse of what you are talking about) then a British PC moving there would have to start from the beginning. As such I would have thought that any PC moving from Oz to the UK would also have to start from the beginning ie on £23000 so could you afford the reduction in salary?
  12. skydiver

    Initial working hours

    Monday - Friday 9-5 and no bank holiday working either. Its the calm before the storm as most students start on response which has a variety of shift patterns depending on which force you are joining.
  13. skydiver

    Learner Drivers

    It would have to be with an instructor otherwise 'experienced' but unqualified drivers will impart poor practices at an even faster rate to the newly qualified driver.
  14. skydiver


    All I can do is sympathise with you but I can't offer an explanation. Police procedures are often opaque as you have seen with your vetting problems. Good luck and I hope they it gets sorted out.
  15. I've just taken and passed my DC exam but I was amused by the feedback all candidates get. Apart from the breakdown of my own scores by topic it also gives the high and low scores for the force and someone managed to get 24%! Given that there are 4 answers per question someone guessing every answer stands a 25% chance of getting an answer correct so it must take some skill to get a poorer result than that. You would however have hoped that candidates would have done some sort of work and preparation before taking the exam so this result is even worse given that. More force still has a competitive environment in terms of becoming a DC so the person who got that score would have had to put some effort in to applying for the post so again given that, what went wrong in the exam?
  16. That seems to be quite widespread and I know two PCs who used to do it in my force.
  17. Yes but getting 24% indicates a certain amount of skill to get such a low score.
  18. skydiver

    Serious Public Disorder

    Winsor's bank holiday reforms have a lot to answer for. There are financial benefits for the force with mine for example cutting its bank holiday O/T bill by about £1m which is not to be sniffed at. That saving however does come at a cost and that is lack of staff or staff having r/d cancelled. A lot of people moved their bank holidays to Christmas and have the entire period off but that of course reduces the pool of people available to work the holiday. My force called for volunteers to work and got a tiny response so their next tactic was to cancel r/d with less than 10 days notice which went down like a lead balloon. As a result response was down to min cover with a lot of very unhappy and tired people working. I'm sure the situation in other forces was similar so it wouldn't surprise me if Surrey had next to no people to respond to the disorder.
  19. skydiver

    Suspect shot

    I like the way that the German Police have been getting stick for ceasing surveillance of him 6 months ago after they decided that he wasn't a threat. The 20:20 hindsight brigade have been out in force to criticise what must have been a well thought through decision given the intel they had at the time. The cost and resources that police have to use to do surveillance on someone must be enormous and I would imagine that the Germans have got a lot of people to monitor given the influx of refugees. I would be more concerned about the decision not to deport him back to Tunisia after serving his prison sentence for arson in Italy a few years ago. That would have been a much better time to deal with someone who at that time was more of a low level criminal as opposed to being a terrorist, but again I'm saying that with hindsight.
  20. skydiver

    Talk of increased penalties

    The government seems to use an increase in penalties as a cheap way of dealing with the core problem as opposed to putting money into enforcement in the first place. I have got two problems with the idea. First, hardly anyone currently gets more than 5 years for dangerous driving under the current sentencing guidelines so the proposal is only going to affect a minuscule number of offenders, so the headlines it grabs are completely out of proportion to the number of people it will affect. I think that a more effective strategy would be to look at current sentencing guidelines and see if these can be changed to allow longer prison sentences within the current 14 year max, then wait and see what the more serious incidents merit. The Tories have however increased penalties for hand held mobile phone use but without increasing resources for enforcement, which is a cheap way of looking tough without actually spending any money. The sum total will be a decreasing number of people being hit with higher penalties without acting as a deterrent to the majority who seem to think its OK to use phones in the car. They have also moved away from education (mobile phone awareness classes for offenders) to increased penalties. There seems to be evidence that the number of RTCs and deaths and injuries on the roads is creeping up which seems to have coincided with the decimation of RPU units and the reduction in time for response to deal with driving offences. The governments solution is to increase penalties, but the presence of police on the road acts as a deterrent to bad practice which seems to be ignored by HMG.
  21. skydiver

    His 1st diplomatic error

    Trump used Twitter overnight to criticise Chinese currency policy and the building of artificial islands in the South China Sea. Whatever the rights of wrongs of his argument I really don't think that Twitter is the ideal format for comments on foreign policy or indeed an policy, and it certainly shouldn't be used by someone who needs to look like a President in the run up to his inauguration.
  22. skydiver

    His 1st diplomatic error

    A diplomatic response has never been Trumps strong point to anything so I don't think that will change any time soon.
  23. skydiver

    Bristow - Free Speak or Villification

    He is permitted to say what he wants but I would have thought he would have displayed a little more tact or thought in his recent pronouncements. I also think that Twitter is a stupid medium to use to try to get a serious argument across given its limited message length, so even if there had been more to his opinion than just 'man up' he wouldn't have been able to say so. Overall I think his opinion sucks and he was stupid to say what he did.
  24. skydiver


    Good point well made.