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  1. skydiver

    Police resources for emergency

    Like RM said yes. Different departments regularly provide back up to other departments, duties get extended, rest days get cancelled, people get calls at home....
  2. skydiver

    Basic Training Gear

    You won't need any extra bits as you should be supplied with all the basic kit you need. Good luck with the application.
  3. Yes and it happens all the time, although there are rules and restrictions on some of the things we can do. Your point about the phone trace for example would require a RIPA authority which has to come from a Superintendent. It ranges from a shop lifter where we might get witness statements and CCTV, followed by identifying them then using various means to find and address and to locate them, to surveillance of a gang where we have to gather a lot of evidence prior to arrest to try to get as many of the members as possible without tipping off other suspects.
  4. skydiver

    Cancel Rest DAY - 1st Day from Nights

    That is one massive mickey take and apart from expressing my sympathies I can't add any useful answer.
  5. skydiver

    Essex police trousers - where to buy?

    Don't Essex Police supply you with a uniform when you start? IIRC I got 2 pairs of trousers and 6 shirts which was enough for a set of shifts so assuming you get something similar that should be enough for you as well.
  6. skydiver

    Transferring Forces

    Transferring can take a very long time with a lot of conflicting info being issued by some HR departments, but it sounds like you can afford to be patient. I've no idea about your Taser authority but as driving authorities can be transferred I assume you Taser would as well but I'm not Taser trained and I haven't transferred forces so I wouldn't know.
  7. skydiver

    Portable cordless angle grinders and crime

    A half decent thief would get round any registration scheme by nicking the angle grinder, getting a mate to buy it, buying one second hand at a car boot sale etc etc. I remember one of my colleagues arresting a well known bike thief for nicking bolt croppers.
  8. skydiver

    When police answers phone calls

    DC = Detective Constable.
  9. skydiver

    When police answers phone calls

    XXXX Police station DC Smith speaking.
  10. skydiver


    Good luck and have fun.
  11. skydiver

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Its still going but Emerge its commercial arm and attempted rival to the Fed has gone belly up. Its FB presence has gone but members of the challenge are still getting email updates.
  12. Direct entry DCs are not exactly the most popular change to happen to the police in recent years, partly because police look at candidates as missing out on the hard, boring and unpleasant side of the job by starting straight away as an investigator who doesn't get their hands dirty. I may also be misinterpreting Susan's thought process behind her debate to go for a uniformed role or to reapply as a DE DC, but I hope you're not looking at a uniformed role as being second best in comparison to the DCs role. Starting in uniform gives you a great grounding in dealing with a wide variety of incidents right at the start of the process and also gets you used to dealing with aggression as well as the smells and unpleasant side of the job. It also means that you might have more opportunity to move around more later which may mean better promotion prospects if that interests you.
  13. skydiver

    Rude and unsympathetic police officers

    Its amazing how many people call the police to get their allegation on record first yet turn out to be the source of the problem...
  14. skydiver

    NSL leeway of 1mph

    I think Bangham's proposal with alienate vast swathes of the public who are currently given some leeway or discretion when they make an honest mistake.
  15. Arch. I started to look at your survey but didn't answer any questions as I didn't think the questions on page 1 would give you any useful data. I can't think of anyone who would want to say anything else other than agree or strongly agree unless they are trying to be mischievous. If you asked 'does Sussex police provide clear and engaging information on their website' then you'd get a more useful response.