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  1. autopilot


    Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, but I need some will advice if anyone can help me. I am a probationer and I'm not married but I have a partner of 12 years and 2 children. I really need a will but don't know what the best way forward as a police officer is. Any tips? TIA.
  2. autopilot

    Do you commute to work?

    I have close family with health issues and need to have my family near them. They also help with child care. Also my OH has a career and my kids have friends and school. Moving is simply not an option at all. It's going to be hard in the short to medium term but i used to work away for 3 or 4 days for years, so as a family we are used to it. I will just have to find someone with a room spare and see it out. Financially it will be hard but just about ok. What worries me a lot is not having a consistent 4 rest days with the family. Having to attend training and court etc on rest days would be a nightmare.
  3. autopilot

    Do you commute to work?

    No choice unfortunately, that's been made very clear to me. It's going to be hard, so I'm thinking some kind of digs down there will be the best option. I have kids though, so it would only be for 2 or 3 nights a week. And yes I have job, but it's crap with no prospects. This is my best and only chance, and hopefully I can transfer some time. I realise there are a lot of cynics on this forum who are fed up with the job and will say they would not travel. But in my position it seems my best option.
  4. After year of trying, I have finally passed the recruitment stage. Problem is, it's 90 minutes by car to the station I will be training and working at. Moving my family is not an option, but they are very understanding and want me to go for it. At my age, and the way things are these days, this might well be the last chance I have at my dream job. I have had said yes, but now I need to plan how I will cope. So I just buy a cheap to run car and drive each day? Should I have a regular cheap hotel to use, or maybe find a room to rent for a couple of nights per week? Does anyone else I these forums commute to work? How long/far to you, or would you, travel to work? Any tips or helpful information would be welcome. TIA.
  5. Hello all, I scored 55% at the AC, but the force i applied for (West Mercia) require 60%. Has anyone successfully transferred to a force that takes a lower mark, or been knocked back even though they do? Do you still have to go through the initial paper application sift again? I have spoken to a couple of forces (Cheshire and West Midlands) that say they will accept my results when they are recruiting again, but i am unsure of the process. Would be better off trying for West Mercia again in a few months? Any info gratefully accepted :)