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  1. chordpurist

    iphone trace software

    For the iphone we had a warrant application refused as we couldn't confirm the location given by the app as accurate. I'm not sure about the ipad. One problem is that you have to deal with the app developer - apple don't record any trace data and neither do the service provider. There appears to be numerous app's offering the service - which complicates things!
  2. chordpurist

    iphone trace software

    In the last week, officers on my area have dealt with two incidents - one a theft of an iphone one a theft of an ipad. On both occasions there has been an app installed which claims to be able to map the location of the stolen phone. Does anyone have experience of this? Have any devices been recovered in your area?
  3. chordpurist

    OSPRE 2 Senarios

    I am looking to discuss generic examples - not scenarios which have appeared previously...which would obviously be inappropriate Example scenarios are available to purchase, are there any in the public domain which could be discussed here?
  4. chordpurist

    OSPRE 2 Senarios

    Does anyone have any senarios they want to discuss? Are there any which regularly appear? Is there a public collection of materials to prepare for part 2? (Yes I am a skin flint!)