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  1. Nope Ive not heard anything yet. i'm sure my time will come!
  2. Yeah that's definitely a positive way of looking at it, marcus. Keep me posted won't ya. Fingers crossed you don't have to wait too long.
  3. No nothing at the mo. I asked recruitment a few questions and they told me that in total, there are approximately 100 applicants at varying stages within the recruitment process, a fair amount applied before me and some after me. She said that with the economic climate and the funding having been cut, that it will be unlikely that there will be many vacancies coming up this year. the job offer is based on date of application and where the vacancy arises. I've already been waiting 15 months and am ready to go, so i feel sorry for those that have been waiting longer. How are you enjoying the job robber roo? It HAS to be well worth the wait!
  4. Robber roo, Marcus, it sounds like your reasons and way of thinking are exactly the same as mine. I'd been a very successful manager of an estate agents, very nice company car and salary and loved having the money etc and was "comfortable" in my job. I only stayed because of the benefits. Then when i had my daughter and became a mum, it totally made me change perspective and at "30" i decided it was time for a change and so i applied for pcso. I then got made redundant in january last year and found my current job straight away. They keep promising great money etc and i keep getting promoted but my heart isn't in it. I'm fed up with making money for companies and not doing anything worthwhile. I think that once we are in with the police force, it opens up so many other doors and to be honest, i feel that in a few years time, i may well apply to be a regular. Its never too late for a new start! I'm just impatient and when i want something, i want it now!
  5. Cheers robber roo, appreciate it. I really do hope it is worth the wait. I'm in a job at the mo that keeps offering me promotion and more money whereas the pcso is a lot less money. I think that if i don't continue with the pcso and stay in my current job then i'll regret it. I've been saying for years that I want to do something different and always wished i had joined the police force.
  6. Hi Marcus, I'm based in kent, where are you? I'm so tired of playing the waiting game!
  7. Hi, was wondering if anyone else been waiting as long as i have for a start date? I've been waiting a year and 2 months since I applied and passed all fitness, vetting etc in april 2009. I got an email from recruitment the other day saying still no news on a start date because they have very few pcso vacancies. Robber roo, can you give me an idea of shift patterns that a pcso works and is it true we only get 23 days holiday? Cheers peeps
  8. Not a bean. Not long til you start your training is it? Good luck!!
  9. Yeah, I'm still waiting. They tell us patience is a virtue.!
  10. more fitness tests I had to work at it to pass the 1st one!! Have they told you what the fitness test is at all? Good luck to you all on the june intake
  11. Hi Bexx, Freckles, I guess we just have to be patient. I applied in December and had assessment in February, passed fitness in April. I so wanted to be on the placement in June but hey, thats not going to happen now. Fingers crossed they have enough vacancies come up to warrant another intake soon.
  12. Hi peeps, Do any of you know what sort of shift pattern pcso's will be doing? I know they are either 8 or 10 hr shifts but do you do for example, 4 days on,3 days off etc? Cheers
  13. Hi, I have just passed all of my assessments and vetting and amnow just waiting for a start date. Does anyone have any idea of the shift patterns a PCSO will do?
  14. I've said anywhere from whitstable through to thanet and sandwich. Its a fairly broad area but i'm thinking maybe i should expand it a bit more inland towards canterbury and villages. I'm just itching to start. My current job is not for me. I've got to go away on a fair few training courses and i'm hoping i can hand in my notice so that i dont have to go to them!
  15. Hi Bexx, When was your physical and medical? Was it 20th march, if so I was in the same group as you. I didn't pass my fitness then but did it 2nd time round. Like you, I heard that there was an intake in june but recruitment cannot confirm it. They have all of my references back and checks etc so now just playing the waiting game. Recruitment did day it shouldn't be too long!