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  1. tee5

    Secrets of shoplifters

    What baffled me was the cameraman filming offences taking place. Aren't they guilty of aiding and abetting?
  2. tee5

    Working overtime into restdays

    Any overtime into a rest day is (currently) payable at double time. In your case, its half an hour at double time. Starts at 7am, not 7.15.
  3. tee5

    Milly Dowler's family....

    They're now saying that 7/7 victims' phones were hacked. Words fail me.
  4. I read in 'Constabulary' mag recently that there was a planned visit by UK officers to New York for the 10th Anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. However, I cannot find the copy that I'd kept and I'd like to know how I can register my interest. There was a website and an email address. I did send an email, but it came back as undeliverable. A Detective Inspector was organising it, it memory serves. We're going to NY in September for a week anyway, so I'd like to pack my tunic and pay my respects in uniform if possible.tee52011-07-06 11:42:28
  5. Agreed but there's just no need for the headline is there?
  6. I was at this job and it annoys me that the Wail have started to have a pop. Maybe they should come out with us on patrol and see for themselves what its like http://tinyurl.com/6j8s324
  7. tee5

    PACE query for the experts!

    What about this one then: Can officers search premises (apartment) with the consent of the owner, if no arrest has been made? I'm remembering my S1 PACE search input where a PERSON cannot be searched without grounds, even if (s)he consents. I had an example of this last year for an allegation of theft and I was advised to arrest, search S32 then de-arrest if nothing found. In contrast to this, I was recently made aware of an officer that searched an apartment without arresting, because the owner consented to it. Now, my bloke consented, but after asking my gaffer, I was told I still couldn't lawfully search his room.
  8. tee5


    Still having problems here- I can log in via my iPhone, but cannot post. Yet, I can log in on my desktop PC and post messages with no problems?
  9. West Mids have allegedly written to all the officers they've just laid off, asking them if they fancy being a special. Unconfirmed, but from a good source.
  10. tee5


    I can log in and post on my desktop, but not on my iPhone. I always used to post via my phone, which was great when out and about or a bit of downtime at work. Also, on the iPhone screen, the website page is too big and you have to shrink it down.
  11. tee5

    Magnum Forum Offer

    I have had no luck with Magnums over the years. Thankfully, I've only ever bought two pairs, and I got a refund on the 2nd pair as the soles came off. Magnum sent me 3 replacement pairs of boots free of charge and all of them failed. Wouldn't buy again...
  12. Here in sunny West Mids, our bank holidays are 8 hours, regardless of what we were supposed to work. So, on what would have been a 9 or 10hr shift, we do 8 at double time. No requirement to make up the hours. Like most have said, you should be off work on that day.
  13. tee5

    Combined Long Service Medal

    The issue of medals is already being discussed Here.
  14. tee5

    Too prejudicial?

    I thought the whole idea of photographic evidence was for the courts to make a decision? Why do we bother? Might as well just describe the injuries!