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Misery Guts

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Everything posted by Misery Guts

  1. Misery Guts

    Another Birthday.

    Hey peeps.... thanks for the wishes n stuff.... I havent replied until today as I was, well, 'making the most' out of teh weekend! slange!!!
  2. Misery Guts

    how do i delete my account

    Much like me...... But I know i can always come back to a warm reception and honest opinions. =)
  3. Misery Guts

    Another Birthday.

    Hey Folksies! Cheers for the birthday wishes so far I've had an 8am work emergency when some concessioned components i'm running in work decided to fail catastrophically, then a mad dash home at lunch time as Mrs Misery had locked herself out with Little Miz 1 and 2!!!! so it's going well! Thanks again friends.... remember.... use the fourth! (said in a huskie Ben Kenoby kinda way!!! =D
  4. Misery Guts

    National "CC" you emails day!!!

    Hey Crobes.... If I wasn't so stoo[id I might have got that???
  5. I had a quick search of recent threads but couldnt find this mentioned... Basically there is currently a group operating through the social network sites raising awareness of the governments desire to keep a record of ALL email sent and recieved in the UK (sounds impossible???). The understanding is this wouldnt violate anyone's privacy as the emails would be stored under the "act's of terrorism" banner.... So this particular group has set out to create a digital protest by way of, well, cc'ing as many emails as possible to the good Mrs Malfoy herself, as far as I am aware, for one whole day next week. This is merely to help the government understand how much traffic they would have to deal with (cough)... I can't post a link to any of the groups pages (as the social stuff is locked on my work computer) but as far as I am aware there are already over 13000 members.... could be quite a giggle!!! If anyone is able to post links to the twitter or facebook groups I would be much obliged! (sorry for any innacurate reports) Mis.
  6. Misery Guts

    Cutty Sark

    As a youngling I always used to get the Cutty Sark and the Vital Spark mixed up!!!
  7. Misery Guts

    Give Theresa a decent alias

    Theresa Mame!
  8. Misery Guts

    Right to strike petition.

  9. Misery Guts

    R.i.P Jim Marshall.....

    The Guv'nor has sadly passed away today, aged 88. For those who don't know of Jim Marshall, he was the man behind the LEGENDARY Marshall Amplifiers. A true gent, pioneer and architect of the tones and sounds of the last 50 years of music. Heaven (or wherever) just got cranked up to 11.... Peace for your Journey Guv!!!! (yours, a Marshall devotee and tone lover.......)
  10. Misery Guts

    Are you going?

    Jesus Zulu, really, Endex and thanks for nothing? Has it really got that bad???
  11. Misery Guts

    The moans and gripes thread

    mmmmmmmm Iced salt n vinegar snak a jacks!!! good call Bouncer =)
  12. Misery Guts

    Virtual Book launch

    I sense an "M" shaped short story n the making!!! My wierd cyber friends and other bizarre shorts by M&MBM.....
  13. Misery Guts

    Tanker Drivers Strike?

    I just tweaked our £800 family dweazel vectra and am getting 50+mpg now (rural/suburban). Plus i filled up last week, so I am really not worried now.... If anything it's an encouragement to get out on the pushbike again aswell, so not only will I be getting fit, but HMG will be making less money out of me! which is cool!
  14. Misery Guts

    Virtual Book launch

    Now THAT's a book cover!!! :firefirefire:
  15. Misery Guts

    Virtual Book launch

    #I'm Game! I have a cowboy hat and a guitar!!!!
  16. Misery Guts

    5 Word Story (2)

    depicting the rise and fall
  17. Misery Guts

    Recruitment - with strings!

    Why shall they remain nameless? I dont see the point in that.... If we call Mrs Malfoy out for being the axe bearer of eternal damnation then why not just open the floodgates of blame and tell everyone TVP have once again moved the goalposts, as is their "right" as an employer....
  18. Misery Guts

    5 Word Story (2)

    and swigging buckfast from a
  19. Misery Guts

    The British Olympic Team - 'look' Scottish

    Yeah I was a bit harsh and hasty with my reply.... Soz ITYO.... I have just seen a bit too much of the "looks too Scottish" thing today.... I think OAH touched on the matter more accurately, in that the kits dont really display much uniformity or national pride.....
  20. Misery Guts

    The British Olympic Team - 'look' Scottish

    I agree.... some of the kits do look like well overwashed kids pyjama's.....
  21. Misery Guts

    The British Olympic Team - 'look' Scottish

    Pish... That's their downtime suits anyway..... not race suits.... Although if looking a bit Scottish is an embarrasment then I apologise on behalf of a whole country.... Chris Hoy... Beijing Olympics 2008 Tim Brabants... Beijing Olympics 2008 Just sayin.....
  22. Misery Guts

    The first day of the week is...........

    Oi you! You back off Mr Tumble right now!!! If Mr T says it's Monday, then Monday it is.... and while were on the subject, MR TUMBLE FOR PM! xxx
  23. Misery Guts

    To old to join the police

    You could try and apply for Dorset when recruitment eventually re-opens... It doesn't matter what age you are down here.... Just as long as your face fits! :ninja3:
  24. Misery Guts


    The current banking crisis explained by an Irishman Young Paddy bought a donkey from a farmer for £100. The farmer agreed to deliver the donkey the next day. The next day he drove up and said, 'Sorry son, but I have some bad news. The donkey's died.' Paddy replied, 'Well then just give me my money back.' The farmer said, 'Can't do that. I've already spent it.' Paddy said, 'OK, then, just bring me the dead donkey.' The farmer asked, 'What are you going to do with him?' Paddy said, 'I'm going to raffle him off.' The farmer said, 'You can't raffle a dead donkey!' Paddy said, 'Sure I can. Watch me. I just won't tell anybody he's dead.' A month later, the farmer met up with Paddy and asked, 'What happened with that dead donkey?' Paddy said, 'I raffled him off. I sold 500 tickets at £2 each and made a profit of £898' The farmer said, 'Didn't anyone complain?' Paddy said, 'Just the guy who won. So I gave him his £2 back.' Paddy now works for the Royal Bank of Scotland.
  25. Misery Guts

    Virtual Book launch

    I just got a bolloking for advertising your kind offer on our internal email network!!!