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  1. As it says on the tin; I'd be interested to hear about your experiences of how people have reacted seeing you out and about when you're off duty, if the last time they interacted with you was on duty. Are they generally looking the other way, or do you get a bit of 'mouth'?
  2. Simon09

    Shopping at Tescos

    hey all, I work for Morrisons - police and pcso's are allowed to use all the shop staff canteens and even get it at staff rate, not visitor prices. If you pay more than £2.50 then you've really pigged out.
  3. I wouldn't have thought the recruitment freeze will last forever; I seem to remember reading on here that there has been a 'recession recruitment freeze' before. Is there any rule-of-thumb that may indicate when the forces are going to have new intakes?
  4. Simon09

    BBC News-GMP

    whichever way you look at it there is going to be a lot of brown stuff heading for the air circulation device!
  5. Simon09

    Bike Club

    My fazer is up for sale if you know anyone who is interested; Its 1200 on mcn, but I'll take 1000. http://www.motorcyclenews.com/MCN/bikes-for-sale/searchresults/detail/Yamaha/FZS600-FAZER/2000/_/R-NXGN-7553297?mfy=0.000000 Simon its best to ring or text me 07775775321 and leave a message if I can't answer (I'm a hgv driver so can't always answer.)Simon092010-11-14 16:59:53
  6. Simon09

    Jargon and oft-used phrazes

    do you know what I mean? init . .
  7. Simon09

    Medical Question

    your best bet would be to ring the force doctor, who would be doing your medical I think.
  8. Simon09


    The other day, I saw a woman driving a car. She had a tiny dog asleep across her lap. chuahaha size (yeah I can't spell that breed!). Is that legal to have a dog on your lap while driving?
  9. Simon09


    Can an ipadder tell me what the calender function is like on it please? Reason for asking is that our son has a gazillion appointments a year, and my wife's paper diary is bursting with loads of letters etc. So, if you can cross reference (eg if person A asks when you last see, or are going to see person , or can input lets say 'physio', and it tells you when the appt is then it may be worth looking at. Is it easy to put photos off your mobile onto? Thanks!
  10. Simon09

    continental shift pattern

    This shift thing is going to take getting used to when I Finally get a start date, and am far enough down the line to be on shifts. At my current job, we've just got them to bin off different start times, so I'll be on fixed 7am starts. Oh well, its a small price to pay to do the career I've always wanted to do.
  11. Simon09


    I've had an idea; might be a good one or poor one! We all know the popularity of Night Cops / Cops with cameras etc. Daily I see quite a few offences (seat belts / kids not strapped in / mobile phones / overtaking on double whites etc etc), so maybe someone could produce a small camera to sit on a trucks dash, that records away; if the driver sees an offence in action click a button which 'bookmarks' the memory. Then once a day or every couple of days the camera transmits the bookmarks to you guys to send a ticket out. good or bad idea?
  12. Simon09

    Emergency Bikers

    Anyone else been watching this series? Personally I've enjoyed it so far
  13. Simon09

    Question about Cars and Caravans

    Being on the road all the time, I see plenty of caravans. The size of the caravan / car combo doesn't bother me; its other things that do. Seeing a fully loaded car (the ones where you can't see the top of the rear wheel under the mudguard) with a nose-heavy caravan so the jockey wheel is almost touching the road makes me annoyed - are these people on holiday or moving home? Can't they load their caravans with the weight over the axles? Then there is the oh-no-I can't possibly let this HGV pass me brigade. This makes me very cross. Case yesterday, M5 N after joining at Worcester. Got up to 88kph (max on the cruise), closing fairly quickly on a caravan thats walking the dog (gently weaving caravan). Pull out to lane 2. Get cab level with rear bumper of van. Car speeds up to 60, fair enough so I return to lane 1 when the gap is appropriate. a minute later and I'm closing again about 5 or 10mph faster, pull out . . . argh. This happened 3 or 4 times so I knocked the cruise down to 85kph to let a gap open. Joined the M42, and happily as it loops over then down I saw a 'glug' of traffic joining from M5 S, which I knew if caravan man didn't pull into lane 2 would box him in and used it to my advantage with a return to 88kph and a deft overtake. Didn't see him again! Maybe they should limit them with a sensor in the towbar to 80kph so they are less likely to get in the way.
  14. Simon09

    continental shift pattern

    alright mate; I'm not in the police yet so can't comment directly on the shift pattern. However I would say don't worry too much right now about it; you have got several weeks in the classrom, and I'm sure that the trainers will give you some hints. I have done factory shifts before, many moons ago, and found that the 'afters' shift (2pm-10pm) was the worst as I was waiting to go to work all day. Anyway, just find what works best for you, some people go right to bed after a night shift, and some work it so they stay up and then go to bed and sleep during the day and get up just before its time to leave for work as per a day shift. Whats right for somepeople aint right for you, so try not to get hung up on it! Good luck anyway :-)