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  1. Oscar_24

    Room for rent?

    Good afternoon all. Had a conditional for December for TX area. I am looking to see who needs the money if you got a spare room. Be great to share with those in the job. Only looking for a single room, double be great. Be going home on RD. This topic going across a few forums TYIA Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  2. Oscar_24

    Essex police trousers - where to buy?

    Patrol store or I got a couple pairs from local market if you have one? Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  3. Oscar_24

    Essex Police Officers Recruitment

    Will all due respect 1 i havent had a chance to input myself as time has been against me for best part of 5 months trying dam hard to get to know my job in the met. also my laptop is broken so i am relying on my faltmates wongle to accesss internet, and that is limitd time 2 beneath me to be sociable?i dont know which way to take that comment, but i will be polite and say for your information i am a VERY sociable person who will do alot for other people given the time. i dont know you and you dont know me so please dont ask is it 'beneath' me before you jump to conclusions.
  4. Oscar_24

    Essex Police Officers Recruitment

    I appreciate what your saying but with all due respect i have worked in west mids for 2 1/2 years and now with the met as support staff so ive had my fair share of the culture lol.but thank you anyway
  5. Oscar_24

    Essex Police Officers Recruitment

    Im running out of ones to view!
  6. Oscar_24

    Essex Police Officers Recruitment

    I rang recruitment today as i havent bothered them since April, apparently im looking at this time next year for start date.ho ho ho
  7. Oscar_24

    Essex Police Officers Recruitment

  8. Oscar_24

    Essex Police Officers Recruitment

    For any THAT desperate to get in, not a police force but i suppose close enough! http://www.hcps.org.uk/
  9. Oscar_24

    When you think you've seen it all..

    What the hell is wrong with people?! WHat the hell is wrong with this country?! High heels story, ok whatever. Blocking an ambulance in, outragous!i dont even want to say what id do to wipe that smile off her face !
  10. Oscar_24

    Rotten Apple

    What a sick B******!
  11. Oscar_24

    Starting out

    hi lilly. The best advice i can give you is to go for whatever position your thinking of going for. what have you got to lose?if you need help or advice contact your local police station and express your interest. how old are you?what position you want to apply for (support staff/police officer?). have you looked at their website?
  12. Oscar_24

    Designated Detention Officer

    So you pass fitness? You joining the Met or anoher force?