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  1. jennyhbk

    Paying into Police pension

    I had 30 years service October 2016, decided to carry on working. Just need some info...a colleague of mine asked if I have my 30 yrs in, why am I still paying into the pension, where I could be saving that money each month.....so... can anyone tell me what do I benefit in still paying into the pension?
  2. jennyhbk

    'Snow Joke!

    I agree!!
  3. jennyhbk

    'Snow Joke!

    I've been a police officer for 21 yrs now, how things have changed, kids are'nt allowed to be kids anymore!! i enjoy throwing a snowball or two, but I can understand if they are throwing at elderly people or damaging property, but I know from experience that people do ring in just because the kids are enjoying themselves!! i even join in where i police, the kids love it. is it so wrong to have a laugh!!
  4. jennyhbk

    fitness test for transferees

    yes your absolutely right! lol
  5. hi everyone can someone please explain why as a police officer of 20yrs and wish to transfer do you need to do a fitness and medical, i can understand an interview but.........the rest no, i am fit otherwise i couldnt do the job, but just wanted to know if anyone else had the same opinion.