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  1. jonah49

    failed vetting for cadets

    Thankyou Hardstylemw, much appreciated. Best Wishes, Allison.
  2. jonah49

    failed vetting for cadets

    Hello Hardstylemw, Thankyou for your reply. We EVENTUALLY found out the problem and it had NOTHING at all to do with my son - I don't know whether you would call it an admin error or mistaken identitiy! Basically, another lad with the same name as my son's and SIMILAR details had done something naughty and that is why my son failed his vetting?! They are now proceeding with his application. Thanks again and best wishes, Allison.
  3. jonah49

    Medical hold

    I had my Met Police day 2 today, and was put on medical hold while i wait for a routine hernia operation to be carried out. Will vetting have begun already or will it also be put on hold. Thanks Jonah.
  4. Hi All, My son applied for police cadets, he received a letter this morning informing him that he had failed vetting. We have no reason as to why this would happen, he is a good lad, doing brilliantly at school, has never ever been in trouble with the police. We as a family are honest, hard working and law abiding. My son does live thirty or so miles away from the force he applied to as our local police force do not operate a police cadet system - would this be a problem? We do know that a lot of people have applied to this force as cadets! My son is understandably gutted and confused as we all are, he was planning to do a public services course at the local college, can we appeal and find out why he has failed vetting? Best wishes, Allison.
  5. jonah49

    Met access course

    Hi all. Thinking of doing a met access coures at a london college. Has anyone done one of these and would they be recommended. Thanks Jonah.