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  1. matti5041

    Are my maths wrong

    Not being funny but the thought of specials in my force doing large scale public order is a scary prospect, i wouldnt trust 90% of them with anything other than coming playing at police and wearing the uniform. As one pervious poster said If your looking for sympathy I think your gonna struggle. The police service is being cut to the bones and the people who rely on this job to pay the mortgage feed the family are being shafted, specials although they mean well come in and do the job for nothing and to be honest it doesnt help matters.
  2. matti5041

    Lancs Police Christmas Video.

    Lancs police leading the way as always, it was actually made at very low cost being produced filmed etc by the PC's themselves. It was decided that it was a low cost way to promote the constabulary and a bit of fun. I was sceptical when I heard about it but yeh it looks pretty good !
  3. matti5041

    The Winsor Report Thread

    It makes me laugh the number of people who say they wont stay in the job cant afford to stay in the job, have you actually looked at what is out there paying 30k plus a year. I looked the other day just out of interest and there was nothing. The gov know this and thats why they can do as they please because realistically not many people can leave or find work elsewhere so we are a captive audience.
  4. matti5041

    Police uniform.

    I read somewhere that if your not wearing a tie and your hat you cant arrest someone, your handcuffs literally dont work they have got something built into them to stop them functioning. The problem the way I see it is that the bosses are so out of touch with the frontline core job that the rubbish they come up with makes sense to them. A majority of people dont care what we wear within reason as long as we turn up when they need us and help them as much as we can. I think some of the uniform we have now is miles better for comfort and ease of use than the white shirts and ties we used to have. However the wicking t shirts dont lend themselves to looking smart. The only way a tie would make sense with body armour is if the armour was covert like many countries adopt. Im not sure why this route hasnt been explored and can only assume its because of cost.
  5. matti5041

    Police uniform.

    With much discussion again about police uniform I thought I would start this thread to see what people think we should be wearing. I would welcome comment from public and police alike. I think the t shirt and cargo pants which we currently wear can look scruffy although they are comfy. I would like to see open neck dark blue/black shirts with covert body armour and dark blue/black uniform trousers with an equipment belt which is kept to a minimum
  6. matti5041

    Revised code G PACE

    Training in our force has been shite, the custody sgts have all had it but the people who are actually still arresting people eg me have still not had an official input. Question for you, as a PC if I bring someone into custody and you refuse them that person then goes away and injures someone or worse still kills someone who would be responsible Im thinking the custody sgt as I have done my bit.
  7. matti5041

    Revised code G PACE

    DV policy isnt law, its force policy. The DV policy is meant to kick in after arrest really eg impose bail conditions to protect vul person. Im not saying the scenario will happen but I think the DV policy will be changing. The policy has been misused for years the DV policy is something that should kick in after arrest eg to impose bail conditions to protect a vul person. The policy has been misused and misrepresented by forces for a long time and on a few occaisions I have done things that didnt sit right with me. At the end of the day the DV policy is just that a policy its not law. I can see it changing to be honest to reflect the new code G guidlines because sometimes it just wont fit. I spoke with a defence solicitor about this and they said that if you get a PNB entry admitting guilt its not an interview and therefore they dont require legal rep. The other way of dealing with it is if they are having it offer legal advice if they want it bring them back on another day. I will mostly be just summonsing people in the street without interview especially were they have admitted guilt if the y want to bring up a defence do it a court. If CPS drop it im not bothered it doesnt undetect my crime. The public will suffer but until the public start finding out what is going on and doing something about it I dont care anymore because there is nothing the police can do we just follow orders of the elected government.
  8. matti5041

    Revised code G PACE

    I ve been thinking about this scenario. You go to a domestic assault. On arrival it becomes clear that its very low level Mr A has pushed Mrs A no injury and both parties are calm and sober. Mrs A doesnt want to make a complaint and isnt willing to provide a statement. Mr A agrees to leave the house and stay in a hotel for the night to let things calm down preventing any breach of the peace. Now a few weeks ago I would have arrested Mr A to protect a vulnerable person. Now I dont know If I could justify that because he has left the address and really no one is putting pen to paper to say they have been a victim of crime. Thoughts on a postcard. As mentioned with shoplifters if they make an admission as many do no need to arrest just summons them and carry on with my day.
  9. matti5041

    Revised code G PACE

    Revised Code G further clarifies the Necessity criteria around making an arrest. Were as before most police officers would use Prompt and effective investigation to justify an arrest now a further explanation is needed and prompt alone wont generally cut it. For example if A has assaulted B and the only reason you need to arrest A is to interview them then you should be VA'ing them until that avenue becomes unavailable. I can see it affecting the way some domestics are dealt with further down the line which to be honest may not be a bad thing. Having read the guidance I can see preventing harm coming into many more arrests in that someone has been violent or threatening and is continuing to be so therefore the arrest is necessary to prevent further harm. From what Ive been told it has come about because of people arresting defendants at the front desk when they have handed themself in and therefore breaching their right to liberty when there is no need to do so. At the minute Im very bored of this job and the way we are constantly being forced into pandering to criminals basically so as to not breach their 'UMAN RIGHTS INIT'. As far as I am concerned more people are going to be getting reported for summons in the street without interview if CPS want to drop the job they can but at least I can detect my crime. I dont see why I should have to fight to get a prisoner into custody when they break the law. Most people I know are in the same frame of mind. I dont know how much more silly this job can get and I shudder to think. The problem is I ve got a long time to go.
  10. matti5041

    Revised code G PACE

    Hi all Anyone else having fun trying to get people past the custody sgt after the change to PACE. I think it is going to mean to some serious changes to the way we deal with incidents.
  11. I had a situation were someone was brought into hospital for a 136 after climbing over the rails on a motorway bridge. She was released and went back so I arrested her to prevent BOP.
  12. matti5041

    Petition to reduce MP pension

    Also shared it on arrse
  13. matti5041

    Petition to reduce MP pension

    Signed, quality idea
  14. I know this isnt the question however in real terms this would probably be dealt with by way of an apology and restorative justice intervention. No charge would be brought.
  15. To get a charge for ABH now you need to be looking at serious broken bones, numerous stitches. Anything up to that is common assault.