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  1. Hello, I'm new to policing and just have a simple question. Is there any difference between doing a PNB interview with a person at the side of the road for a suspected offence of dangerous driving and interviewing them for the same offence at a police station on a voluntary basis? Is there any legal/lawful requirement to have done a statement before either interview? E.
  2. eafster

    Police numbers at 10 year low.

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-15461579 So the population is increasing...some 2.1 million over the last ten years and yet police numbers are decreasing...??!! http://www.theftprotect.co.uk/library/articles/Police%20Officer%20strength%20and%20resource%20analysis%20March%202010.pdf
  3. Can anyone out there tell me what exactly are the ramifications/consequences to/for the 'Organisation' (Force) breaching the Police Regulations..??!
  4. eafster

    Constant Watch

    Recently I noticed that out of the 12 cells that were open, 7 of these had officers outside the door performing constant watch on behalf of the custody Sgt. This means that seven fully trained police officers were taken off the reactive shift to sit outside the cell, usually for 11 hours or more, of someone that's been arrested... In one instance this left only two officers available to patrol their subdivision (some 378 sq miles). I suspect that the custody Sgt's are using constant watch as an excuse not to place the PIC's on a level or two lower on the observation guidelines i.e. 15 min or 30 min watches because that means more work for them. The PIC regulars are now aware that if they say the magic words 'suicide' or 'self harm' they get the white glove treatment...food and drink whenever they want...all the attention they need and a guaranteed speedy exit through the system.. Very few of the people on constant watch were what you would call ...needy or suffering from anything other than sore wrists...one recent PIC tried to hang himself in 2007...apparently that qualifies as a constant watch despite stating that he felt fine now...and having no other indicators of self harm since that time... If you were on life support in a hospital you'd be 'watched' maybe every 15 minutes if you were lucky...the norm is 30 mins or an hour....why is it so diferent for the police..? The thing that gets me is that while in custody they are deemed to be such a danger to themselves and others that they require an 'officer' to watch over them for every minute they are there YET magically they are cured of all that ails them and released on bail when it suits the custody Sgt to get them out... To me 50% or more on a constant watch is disproportionate.... Yes we have a duty of care...but is this duty of care 'to do all that is reasonable' NOT 'to do EVERYTHING we can' I am wondering if ALL forces operate the same way. If not what are you doing differently? Is this not an absolute watse of resources? Is it the legislation that's wrong or is it the custody Sgt's interpretaion of the legislation that's wrong? All views and comments appreciated. E.
  5. eafster

    Warwickshire Police

    Thanks for that. I'm 40 and just going through it now (the process) and although my brain still thinks I'm (21) trim, taught and terrific my body is definitely rebelling against that idea....used to be fit and so now it feels like I'm pushing a big one up a very steep hill....that said being a police officer is the only job I have ever really wanted to do....
  6. eafster

    Warwickshire Police

    Thanks MG. I'm training for it now and can only do 15 push ups on my knuckles is that enough or do you think specific weight training is necessary?
  7. eafster

    Warwickshire Police

    Hi there, Warwickshire Police describe their 'Dynamic Strength' test as "Press-ups on frame using "work done" principle" Does anyone know what this means and how you can train for it? Any help always appreciated. E.