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  1. Actingmadfubare

    Sir Jimmy Savile

    That's got to qualify for quote of the year 2012.
  2. Actingmadfubare

    Working After A20 ill health retirement

    The criteria for working after ill health retirement is that your new occupation does not conflict with or compromise the reason you were retired. Thus if you're retired with a bad back and a knackered kneecap there's no way if you're genuine the system would tolerate you working as a brickie or a scaffolder. However land a job sitting in an orthopaedic chair in a call centre, no prob. The no pension under 25 years service is incorrect. I can only guess that comment relates to the confusion that's gone on for years regarding the 25 yr point. They can recall you at any time for a re examination and can reassess you as per their conclusions. I am aware of one officer medical'd out who appealed and actually had their pension reduced !
  3. Actingmadfubare

    Assistance Required

    I'm not sure that was the original question or point being made. However I stand by a point I made earlier. There are some formidable investigators conducting interviews in industries other than the the Police service. Insurance companies being a prime example. If you have a think about it the flip side of the coin is there's some cops out there who seem to have difficulty finding out the correct name and address of people they're speaking to. There's no reason why an interviewer of high calibre cannot apply themselves to points to prove.
  4. Actingmadfubare

    Assistance Required

    Good idea although looking at the evidence as opposed to anecdotal rhetoric regarding the value of best person for each job, and of course on this day and age , best value, it will either be a very shorter very repetitive thread. What some people seem to miss completely and pursue negative nuances is that like it or not "civilianisation" and multi tier policing is here to stay. Therefore lets get people like the op on board as opposed to knocking them back. I agree completely to a degree with the " not enough warranted cops to kick out onto the streets when needed " although its not a particularly strong argument. A massive number of internal jobs previously filled by cops and now admin civis were occupied by those who were unable or unsuitable to get out onto the streets.
  5. Actingmadfubare

    Assistance Required

    Of course it is. Try managing without them then you'd be whinging. It's also known quite overtly as team work and best allocation of available skills.. Clearly not on your agenda !
  6. Actingmadfubare

    Assistance Required

    And that's the way it is now.Lets not beat around the bush. Some will be superb , some will be useless pratts. Very much the same as the cross section of police officers many of us are acquainted with I'm sure you'd agree. So how are they going to be developed ?
  7. Actingmadfubare

    Assistance Required

    Comms, on site in the box. Every time. That's what their trade is and that's what they do.
  8. Actingmadfubare

    Assistance Required

    Whilst bearing in mind presumption is the mother of all f**k ups, I will presume the op is genuine and wanting advice. In this day and age the original question was a very good one indeed capable of provoking some intelligent debate as well as good advice. It’s a good question because its people like the op that will provide future investigators. At the moment, in my experience, a vast number of them are retired d’s returning to work. That of course is a pool of diminishing resources as cops are no longer training and practising the required skills. The civi investigators often are and will eventually take a much larger role than at present. We’re in the era of multi-tier policing. Eventually that’ll have more tiers than any posh wedding cake or US Sheriffs model you can dream of. Sad state of affairs perhaps, but it is most definitely the way it is and will go. There are some cracking good non warranted investigators out there in other industries, no police experience, who I would not like to face if I was guilty. Please don’t over estimate your life experiences and life skills simply because you’ve held a warrant card. My most horrendous gory experiences were pre police, my potentially most stressful responsibilities with far reaching life and death consequences, post police retirement. Therefore, avoiding negative rhetoric, how does the op get going in their desired trade?
  9. Actingmadfubare

    Happy Birthday Whisper

    Happy Birthday good friend x
  10. Actingmadfubare

    First Class Idiot

  11. Actingmadfubare

    First Class Idiot

    Why do we say "shot in the foot" ? I suppose the character this thread is all about could have been said to have done that. I dont understand the metaphor
  12. Actingmadfubare

    First Class Idiot

    Its a cruel world.