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  1. Cockneybob

    Annoying Things Colleagues Do...

    Oi, steady on with that comment What was you response to them though? Isn't legislation letters and numbers? (Sec 163 RTA 1988, Reg 18 Con & Use regs 86) Anyway a few more annoying things to add to my list... Airwave radios not sending updates (mentioned before) Being told that Airwave would be better than the old anologue radios, better coverage etc (still area's where they don't work, also quicker send a pigeon than being allowed to key up) People not reading you out of office assistant telling them that you are not there until such and such a date. (they then send further emails why you haven't replied to their email) CPS/ AOJ sending D1's asking for work to be completed the day before you actually get to read it. (not a dig at them though- it is a fact)
  2. Cockneybob

    Annoying Things Colleagues Do...

    Oh, nearly forgot the most obvious one..Management claptrap/ jargon. Where do these phrases come from, who invents them arghh.
  3. Cockneybob

    Annoying Things Colleagues Do...

    Crews being deployed to a job on a fairly obvious trunk road, only to ask 'Can you send it to the sat-nav please?' - why? the road is long and straight, keep driving along it and you will find it! People who spend more time trying to cuff a job, than actually grabbing the bull but the horns and getting stuck into it. Only to find out that (when I've cleared it up) it wasn't that bad too deal with. Leaving the interior of a car like a sh!t hole, not bothering to clean it out properly. Not doing the weekly inventory checks properly Laziness I'm sure there will be more to come...........
  4. Cockneybob

    More with Less?

    I was wondering when this story would come into discussion. Reading some of the comments from members of the public, this hasn't done police any favours amongst some members of the general public. Burglary is probably one of the crimes people have concerns with and people want/ expect to be dealt with. Whether the PR 'machine' got it wrong to use burglaries, or was deliberately used to stir things up I don't know. If you're going to use this offence as an example, at least put things into context to say how or what will change instead of the people interpretting ti their own way, and getting the wrong end of the stick. Flicking through the link above, when asked whether police would attend burlaries- the question was turned around to give what I would term as a non answer. Is it me or is it too hard to give a straight answer? Perhaps as OAH refers to - we should also be querying why the post Mrs Thornton holds has such a high salary?
  5. Cockneybob

    Calais Migrant Crisis

    Rhetorically speaking- Is it because the French know the migrants are huddled in one corner of their country out of the way of others and the only way the migrants want to go is further North? Not quite brushing them under the carpet, but quietly hoping more will get onto some of the wagons and trains bound for the tunnel.
  6. Cockneybob

    RTC Scotland

    Without being too controversal, there is another side to this unfortunate incident. Was it the control room operator the person who put the car off the motorway in the first place? What caused the car to go off the road? Was it driver error, was it third party involvement, mechaincal defect, medical episode etc etc. Would the driver survived the collision? From the initial reporting, the passenger might have, hopefully the PM will be able to say if the injuries would have been surviveable. I share Anticondem's comments (no8) an awful incident for ALL.
  7. Cockneybob

    Fox hunting vote

    One likes his chickens fresh and the prefers KFC coatings! Some groups of people are catcing foxes from the towns and releasing them into the countryside. Rhetorically speaking I wonder how those towns foxes caught and released have problems hunting and killing their prey, having perhaps relied on scavenging through bins etc?
  8. Cockneybob

    Fox hunting vote

    I disagree with your point 1 here Z. When we're blasting poor helpless pheasants out of the sky we've often flushed foxes out of cover and into a line of guns. I've bowled a few few of them over before with a single 12 bore cartridge using six shot. Best chances though with a fox is a lamp and rifle. Foxes don't always tend be nocturnal in our part of the world. Trapping with false earths can yield the odd one or two.
  9. Cockneybob

    Water Cannon

    Is it a genuine comment for these to have a shelf life or is it propoganda to make Boris look foolish and wasted money? To my untrained eye (in construction of water cannons) it seems a fairly simple machine:- holding tank+ lots of water+ decent pump+ hoses & seals & valve. I don't suppose the engine and running gear will have covered many hard miles. Motor that drives the pump may need a recon? I don't know. Perhaps the 2-3 year shelf life is because they don't put rust inhibitor in the tank
  10. Cockneybob

    View of the Met.

    Just slightly off topic but related to the Met. There's a 5 part documentary TV program being advertised to start on the 8th June on the Beeb. I wonder what sort of image or light this will portray? - option 1- Look, we're doing what we can with all this cr4p going on around us, option 2 - we really do make life hard for ourselves, option 3- we can't really say what we want for fear of upsetting HMG, but here's a dig at them anyway, or option 4- we can do that, oh yes no problem at all (whilst watching lower rank supervisors wincing in the corner at an impossible task)
  11. Cockneybob

    Devon & Cornwall Reduce Crime

    Because we're doing more with less
  12. Cockneybob

    Devon & Cornwall Reduce Crime

    Whilst I can see your point Zulu, other less informed people who read this may not be realise that a Bilking / Making off without payment is an offence contrary to Sec 3 Theft act 1978, whereby Theft is a seperate offence contrary to Sec 1 Theft act 1968. However, back to the conversation. If you don't investigate how can you prove/ disprove any criminal intent? Rather brave of D & C to make that policy let alone publicise it. On the flip side- how many filling stations have reminders on the pump to say make sure you have sufficient means of paying before filling up??
  13. Cockneybob

    View of the Met.

    That's a pity. I felt and still feel that my training in the Met put me in a good stance for the job. The set up/ structure at Hendon, street duties course with good tutors and continuation training at local level up to the end of probation. I do wonder what curriculum is being pushed to the local training departments nowadays. Is it legislation based knowledge or social skills? I can share your frustration though,because we're getting new faces into our office but they're not getting a proper attachment/ familiarisation when they join.
  14. Cockneybob

    This years eurovision

    Thanks for the hint Whisper. I've missed most of it through work The best bit about the sky button is that I turn off Graham Norton and listen to Mr Bruce instead
  15. Cockneybob

    This years eurovision

    Come on folks embrace the spirit and atmosphere! I reckon this years toon is a quirky little number. However back to reality... why do we bother. As far as I'm concerned its a political fix and nothing to do with songs, more as to who is cosying up with who.