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  1. Bouncer

    Where have they gone

    I am also here still, but just jump in, have a look around and jump out again, often without logging on. I expect a few others do the same. As I am "getting on" now, and have caring duties for my 92 year old mother, I get less time for perusing the ether, but will still do so, when i have time.
  2. Bouncer

    Finally, standing up to hatred....

    No more free Lego with the DM - thank god for that! I can now get my copy at the newsagent down the road, instead of dragging into town to get it, and the crap toy, from Smiths. Tough luck grandkids, you can buy your own toys.
  3. Bouncer

    Not Again!

    If they are like Nottingham trams, I think they will be 100% driver controlled, with no on-track over-ride systems in place - trams not being the same as trains, in that respect. We have some pretty tight turns, both in the country sections and in the town, as have many others, and an accident like this, with no trackside over-ride, could be foreseen. No doubt lessons will be learnt, but too late.
  4. Bouncer

    Vehicle Stop lights

    Interestingly, I was following a 66 plate Audi last night, and the indicators, rather than flashing, were like lines of orange, moving from the inner edge of the indicator lens (near number plate) to the outer edge of the car, in a sequence. I know this type of indicator was not permitted in the UK, some years ago, but this is the first one I have ever seen - another EU type approval, I assume (not an EU rant, by the way!).
  5. Bouncer

    Great British Bake Off........is off......

    It seems a shame that the BBC seems t have lost the art of making its own programmes, and has started buying in programmes from private companies. Just reading the end credits of many programmes reveals they are not BBC productions, and are probably all up for grabs. One is Homes under the Hammer, which is also on some of the commercial channels, complete with advert breaks!
  6. Bouncer

    Oh Dear, Vaz.

    His wife has stated she will stand buy him - but wants tests for STDs and AIDS!
  7. Bouncer

    Great British Bake Off........is off......

    I can see it now - Ch4 Celebrity Bakeoff, or Bakeoff with the Stars, full of z list celebs, just like Mr & Mrs and Family Fortunes, which have gone to the dogs.
  8. I was amazed at the amount of booze being purchased for Easter, and Morrisons were advertising packs of beer on the telly. Since when has Easter been a party time - it's never been about parties, just stuffing as much chocolate down you as you can, then throwing it up again. Hmm, getting p*ssed is the new chocolate binge - I blame Kraft ruining Cadbury's.
  9. Bouncer


    Anyone in government/civil service who cocks up is promoted "out of the way" - so they can create even more havoc. Just watching Yes Minister on telly, and it is still relevant.
  10. Bouncer

    The moans and gripes thread

    I am still within the period allowed to sue, so perhaps that might make a good opening gambit!
  11. Bouncer

    The moans and gripes thread

    Some of you will remember I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, five years ago. Two operations were carried out at my local hospital, then a further one, at a different hospital, as the surgeon had left some cancerous thyroid behind. The first surgeon has not seen me since, but I have been regularly checked at the second hospital Oncology Unit, who tried, without success, to get me checked by the first surgeon, for post operative Well, I have now received a letter, with an appointment to see the first surgeon - not bad for a five year wait! I wonder what we will have to discuss????
  12. It has really cocked up the local school holidays, this year. Easter was just a couple of days off, for the Bank Holidays, and the school term does not end for a couple or three weeks, whereas Easter always used to be the full holiday. I know this is because Easter was very early this year, but is a net loss of two days schooling.
  13. Bouncer

    In or Out

  14. Bouncer

    The moans and gripes thread

    Took my 91 year old mother to the doc, to get her blood pressure checked. Nurse did it and came out 190 over 100, which is very high, to say the least. Nurse would not let us leave, until we had seen a doctor, as she could have a heart attack or stroke, anytime. So we sat for 75 minutes, waiting to see a doctor, and when we did, her BP was normal! Not so sure mine was, by then, as I expected her to keel over at any time within those very long 75 minutes.
  15. Bouncer

    The moans and gripes thread

    Took ticked prescriptions form to GP, for signing off, last Monday. For some "operational" reason, not ready till Friday, so dropped into chemist that afternoon. Huge backlog in chemist, so could I pop back Saturday. Went back Saturday - not everything in stock (I do have a long list!), so Monday. Realised Saturday night that my "essential" meds had run out, chemist and GP shut, and no way to get meds until late Monday. Less than pleased and didn't feel too good by the time I got the meds Monday afternoon. Next time, I will put my request in a fortnight early!