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  1. harrier74

    Direct entry as Inspector.

    Well that's the time & money spent on studying up the kazooo.
  2. harrier74


    The cynic in me considers that they try & bin cops to save money.......but it can't really be like that. Can it?
  3. harrier74


    Anyone else getting the impression that their Farce PSD unit are going into overdrive the last couple of years?
  4. harrier74

    Fitness Test

    Lets not beat around the bush, OST is pathetic, its the equivalent of NCALT, only there so management can say they gave you training. Its laughable.
  5. Good on him, a job is a job. Cue the haters........
  6. harrier74

    Why do the police receive a hard time

    Haha, you're right, but I can't help being Victorian Dad!
  7. harrier74

    Why do the police receive a hard time

    Being a Cop has, genuinely, made me a better Dad. We were buying a sofa yesterday and I asked my daughter to hold the end of the tape measure and she gave the teenage shrug. The salesman jumped in & said he would do it, I politely thanked him, looked at my daughter and said "I'VE ASKED YOU TO DO SOMETHING, NOW GET UP AND DO IT PLEASE, BEFORE I PULL YOUR TROUSERS DOWN AND SMACK YOUR BUM" she went bright red & jumped up, to hold the tape. Confrontation with a touch of humour, normally works, sort of learnt this in the job. Good luck my friend. If you have half the fun I have had...........
  8. harrier74

    Pension Challenge

    CP, No I have no figures, nor legislation. All I have is the word of a close, trusted, pal who attended.a Fed retirement workshop. One of the speakers was an independent Police pensions adviser, who gave the advice. My pal has a telephone appt booked with him at the start of December. I will ask the question.
  9. harrier74

    Pension Challenge

    Your incorrect about not being able to. I checked. Someone else has also posted of it on here. As for being taxed by another country, someone please explain this to me. How do they differentiate between a rich geezer putting money in an account & a newly retired cop? Put it in s Swiss acct, Andorra, Guernsey, etc etc
  10. harrier74

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    Right this very minute I would bite their hands off if VS were offered. So demoralised its untrue!
  11. harrier74

    Pension Challenge

    I asked earlier whether one could forgoe their monthly pension, take it all in one go & move abroad. Well I got an answer from Pension advisor at a Fed pension session..... Yes, a 30 year PC can take it in one go £600k but they must move abroad for at least 5 years and receive nothing more, ever.
  12. harrier74

    Pension Challenge

    Some years ago a couple of Insp took a huge payment, hundreds of thousands and moved abroad, they cannot move back to UK for a least 5 years and cannot draw a monthly pension. They can visit but not live here.
  13. harrier74

    Pension Challenge

    Can one still take a 'full value' one off pension payment re permanently moving abroad on retirement?
  14. harrier74

    Direct Entry

    Bloke across the road is a supermarket troubleshooter. Works for one supermarket, for perhaps a year or two, straightens an ailing branch, normally a very large one, then gets headhunted and does the same thing again. So no real job security as such. Not sure of his salary package. We spoke about direct entry & the salary, promotion, pension etc. He laughed his tits off, said the only people we would attract would be the ones who couldn't cut it in private industry. He also added that when he thought about decisions as a senior officer he realised that the wrong decision could land him in prison and nobody could pay him enough to live under that pressure.
  15. harrier74

    COMPULSORY SEVERANCE: The mother lode

    My Farce is driving, hard, recruitment of Specials and volunteers. I'm starting to think they believe they can fill holes with the unpaid. As admirable as volunteers & Specials are, what happens when they don't turn up?