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  1. Formyson

    Constant false allegations

    You didn't ignore me.I knew you couldn't resist.
  2. Formyson

    Constant false allegations

    That's the best you can do?Really??? Where did I say she attacked me with a knife?? Have you ever tried to video someone who is attacking you??The investigating officer has the video so that is what is important and not your amateurish assessment. I hope when you were a serving officer you were not as lazy have you have been here and you got your facts right. What advice have I ignored? To see a sol?Then if everyone did that it makes this site meaningless. You won't reply to this because you are going to ignore me thankfully.
  3. Formyson

    Constant false allegations

    Exactly.No response to your allegation. As I said I only want answers from serving officers and not a wannabe.
  4. Formyson

    Constant false allegations

    Really?Please do tell me where.I could do with a laugh from a wannabe police officer.
  5. Formyson

    Constant false allegations

    An injunction (non mol) would be to keep her away from me.It doesn't deal with what happened regards the attack. It's not a 'petty squable'.She made another false allegation which resulted in my detention.If the Police did not want to get involved in 'petty squables' they would have warned her about false allegations a long time ago and also not arrested me.
  6. Formyson

    Constant false allegations

    Petty squabbles?I was arrested on nothing and spent 10 hours in a cell.My sons mother has again used the police for malicious intent.This follows her drunk again whilst alone with my young son and his younger sister.It is a serious issue.I am the one who has constantly avoided contacting the police even though I have had many reasons to do so. I have told the Police many times when she claims harrassment that they should charge her with wasting police time because they have better things to deal with. An injunction(non mol) means she has to keep away from me.It does not deal with her having attacked me.
  7. Formyson

    Constant false allegations

    I don't want to pay for a sol.I have clear evidence that for her last claim of harassment that resulted in my detention in a cell for 10 hours that she was lieing. Can I report a 'historical' physical attack? I have a video showing my ex forcing her way into my house just before she attacked me.The video stops just before she attacked me.It happened around 8 years ago.
  8. Formyson

    Constant false allegations

    Am very interested in this thread.My ex has many many false allegations of harrassment against me.The latest was last week which resulted in my arrest and 10 hours in a cell.I have a thread on here relating to it. I have complained to the police many times about my crazy ex using the police for malicious intent.So it it possible I can use these false claims and report her for harassment?
  9. Formyson

    Arrested with no evidence

    Hi. I have had in the past many problems regards seeing my young son due to his mother/my ex.She has a personality disorder,drinks alot, has a vile angry temper,and has made many calls to the police claiming harassment. During the last 3 years the situation has been much better than before and things for most of the time have been amicable.One or two calls to the police from her and also from me. Last monday I went to her house to change a window handle which she had asked me to do by text on that day and I think also maybe by voicemail(Police have my phone).I went to her house in the evening and again she was drunk.I stayed 90 minutes trying to get her sober and to make sure she wasn't going to drink more.I left telling her I would come back in the morning.The next day after calling in on her house in the morning I rang her and left a voicemail again telling her she needs to sort her drinking or I will contact the police and social services. She rang me on my work landline and mobile screaming.I left the same message. Last thursday the police rang and asked me to go to the station and that I could be there a long time.I knew they meant I would be arrested.I spent 10 hours in a cell and am out on bail.I was arrested because she claimed on the two occasions I went to her house I was not invited and forced my way in.I have good evidence for my defence.The text in the morning and possible voicemail asking me to fix the handle.I have a text from myself to my girlfriend sent on Tuesday saying that my ex was drunk last night.I have sent them a photo of tools that my ex gave me to fix the handle which I took home with me.I can't prove they belong to her.I have sent the investigating officer info about my ex and her crazy antics over the years.I have sent him a video and two audios which will leave him in no doubt she is off the scale. Her story is weak.She said I went to her house at 4.45pm and stayed 30 minutes.I infact was at work till 5,went to the gym then her house at 6.45 for around 90 minutes. The only evidence they provided from my ex was my voicemail which is much stronger in my defence as I talk of her 'having to sort herself out' etc.They presented a non mol I was given around 5/6 years ago which infact should not have been issued to me as the Judge in court accepted an offer of an undertaking from me which I signed.No mention of a non mol in court.I appealed and was never given a proper answer.There are two PINS issued against me from around 7-8 years ago.Both are very weak and I have given the investigating officer details of these and the non mol. There is no evidence I went to her house univited or that I even went there.If I can be arrested based on something my ex has told the police with no evidence then I am screwed for the future.Usually when she calls them they either ring me or visit me and just tell me to watch myself knowing that her behaviour has also been harassing.These reports she makes always follow problems caused relating to my son,my time with him and his well being.They know I am just a father trying to do his best for my son.I think I had the sympathy of the investigating officer and the PC who asked most of the questions. My question is how is it I was arrested? Also,as they have my phone will they only be interested in texts relating to last week or will they look back further as the texts go back a long time and maybe they could pick some out that appear to be harassing and charge me for them?