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  1. BlueBob

    Section 163

    Are you mixing requirements? Are you asking them to provide their details -one offence are you asking them to produce insurance - one offence
  2. BlueBob

    Medical Retirement and PTSD

    Well the first question is what do you want to do? Fun time employee, part time employee, self employed, franchisee, non-working, study etc. Then consider realistically if it is something your capable of doing without compromising your personal circumstances. Do you NEED and income, if so how much. Do an honest living costs analysis - record all your fixed costs (rates, rent, mortgage etc), current regulars - car tax, ins, MOT, servicing etc, then basic living costs (food, water, elec, gas, oil etc) then decide how much you need to cover them or what you may have to step back from. A nice shiny new phone on a high monthly fee may seem nice, but if money is short then perhaps dropping the costs at the next renewal.
  3. BlueBob

    Thoughts on leaving the police please!

    Okay, do something me quick calculations - how much does your current house/ flat rent/mortgage, main bills ( elec, rates etc) cost. Does it equate to about the £19k wage difference? If so, you may be less disadvantage than it may seem - don’t forget by the time you do tax, NI etc, that it equates to about 30% of you salary after allowances.
  4. Surely a capable and competent bike thief could be regarded by some as a tradesperson in their particular field of endeavour. Your response seems to be a sound, well reasoned and sensible solution!
  5. There are equally effect items used to steal. Why so restrictive and focused on m/ cycles? The concept is of limited relevance and certainly not a deterrent. Is the £29.99 too cheap or is £128.99 for a high nd brand too much. Your reasoning is based on cost alone rather than access to the item
  6. BlueBob


    Slow on the mark to respond, the reason your car speedo shows either the actual speed or over the actual speed by up to 10% is set out in legislation (EC ECE Reg39 L120/40 Ref5.3. https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/PDF/?uri=CELEX:42010X0513(03)&from=EN), it's to allow for some vagaries in manufacture, to allow for tread wear, small changes of tyre sizes - hence the list of specific tyre sizes per vehicle rather than your mate's advice on what looks good down the local tyre centre. The overall effect on driving and speed limits, is that despite a drivers best efforts, if detected at 38mph (The devices always round down the recorded speed to a whole number), from the driver's view, the vehicle speedo would show 38mph or up to 10% faster than 38mph. Some vehicles with both analogue needle and digital displays of the vehicle speed will also differ between the two due to the way they each gather data and how they are viewed - for the needle its usually such a wide needle on such fine markers that they rarely allow you to differentiate your speed by 1mph for example. Accepting tyre wear etc, digitals tend to show a closer to true speed due to the data used usually comes from the ABS sensors' data As for doing your IAM or other non police advanced driving course, good for you, but just remember that safe, systematic and smooth driving come long before speed on the learning and application curve.
  7. Not a case of not bother, more a matter of proportionality, reality and realistic enforcement. My cordless drill, multi tool can also operate a grinder disc, which immediately defeats your restrictions placed on the seller with no real preventative effect. Are you disappointed bred at how cheap they are of the sake of them? are you suggesting that they are sold as a restricted item? That becomes a trad stds matter rather than police. im just a little agasp at the concepts lack of forward thought on managing the consequences
  8. So, just for the sake of debate, Why grinders? Have you considered proportionality of the restriction? How about control of torches, a far more frequently used item by those commuting crime than an angle grinder. Of course, the grinding wheel can be used in other devices, perhaps not so readily, but would be equal to the chains etc you mention- would you propose controlling th sale/ possession of grinding discs as well?
  9. BlueBob

    Writing witness statements

    It sounds as if police attended the original incident and someone was arrested. Allow your wife to make contact with the OIC and see what, if any action they are considering doing with her. Its just possible that she does not wish to be involved and told the OIC at the time- despite what she may say to you now. Consider taking a step back, imagine how you would deal with another officer doing an intro of "I'm old bill, I want to talk to YOU about how YOU are dealing with an incident......."
  10. The OP concept would be totally illogical- a similar reference can equally be made to criminals use of torches and other items. What makes the angle grinder such a different tool to be singled out for sale control?