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  1. Thanks, Fedster, I did read and appreciate your T&Cs before posting. I'm just hoping for a bit of help as I've hit a dead end. Thank you, Techie, I'll get in touch.
  2. Hello All I'm looking for officers who were based at/out of Bradford Street in Birmingham in/around 1980. I'm a Student Nurse, not a police officer, but both of my parents were serving officers there at that time and I'm trying to find one of them - my dad. My mum was a WPC who lived at the Bradford Street digs but was from Coventry. My dad is John Davies, a Detective with the SPG which is confusing as I thought they were Met only. He was based at/out of Bradford Street and I believe lived in Birmingham at the time as well. He played drums in a band with friends who had gigs in clubs around Birmingham. He was in his thirties at the time and would be in his 70's now so I am very aware that time may be running out to find him, if it hasn't already. I would be incredibly grateful if anyone has any information which could help me find him, give me any pointers for other places to look or, if they know him, point him in my direction with the hope that he will make contact. Thank you.