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  1. Searchlight77

    Police files / on NICHE / False allegations

    Thank you very much, that has made me feel more at ease .
  2. Searchlight77

    Police files / on NICHE / False allegations

    I have read and understood, thanks.
  3. Hi, I have just signed up to this as i have recently been arrested (charges eventually dropped) but i have been left feeling very anxious, worried and let down due to my experience. I will keep this as brief as possible: I came out of a relationship in December 2016 and was in a very bad emotional state for the next few months and tried to re-kindle the relationship sending various texts and emails. This in hindsight was wrong of me as my ex was asking me to stop but i continued messaging her and received a warning for harassment without violence which i accepted. Throughout 2017 i was receiving email read reports from an iphone app i use that was telling me that my ex was opening up old emails (i thought this to be strange as she had reported me for sending these emails which were offering love and support) In August 2017 i sent her remaining property to her and emailed her asking if she could possibly leave my belongings outside of her place at a convenient time - there was no reply so i did not chase this up. I was still receiving email reports up until 21st December and thought it may be a cry for help (she suffers from depression and has Borderline Personality Disorder) I decided to email her in January 2018 to offer a hand in friendship but made the mistake of forwarding some of the old emails to see if i would receive a report, therefore i would know she is still using the same email address. I received a report and emailed her but did not receive a reply. A few days after i received approx. 19 email reports in the space of 8 minutes so i emailed again just to confirm that my initial email was just to offer a hand in friendship and to rest assured that if she does not reply i would not contact her again. 8 days later i was arrested for harassment. 2 Detectives searched my property whilst i was taken to the police station and later interviewed. The police also took some replica and deactivated guns from my property just to check over (even though i have the deactivation certificates and paperwork from when i volunteered a replica gun to the police to check as i was concerned it may have fallen out of the scope of what is legal) i am am a part time antiques dealer specialising in military antiques. I pleaded not guilty to harassment and received a trial date. When i received the statements and police notes i was in complete shock as my ex told many lies and there were inconsistencies between her statements and the police notes but my main concerns were of the false allegations of the most horrendous kind such as rape and sexual violence. These were mainly in the 'ON POLICE FILE' and 'ON NICHE' rather than in her actual statement and the detectives never once questioned me on anything of this nature during the interview but just on the emails i sent and admitted sending. What concerns me is that these are complete lies and it reads that 'SHE DOES NOT WANT TO MAKE A COMPLAINT AT THIS STAGE' Does that mean i will eventually get arrested for these false allegations? Also, what does 'on niche' actually mean and how can it state that she suffered rape and sexual violence when she did not. I understand that any allegations have to be recorded but surely it should state that these are simply allegations and not 'SHE SUFFERED RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE'? which if anyone read they would assume i had carried out such horrendous acts when i have done nothing but try to love and support her during the relationship. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated as i suffer from an anxiety disorder and these false allegations are very worrying for me. thanks