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  1. I am in the process now of becoming a DC in the Metropolitan Police Service, and due to personal reasons I am being drawn to move up north to Manchester for at least two years, but it could well end up permenant. I am moving with an open mind though don’t get me wrong! I never before considered leaving the Met, as we know the opportunity to get stuck into some serious and exciting stuff here is abundant and being an officer in the Met very much is what you make it. I know with regards to all the civilian side of life, I’d be just as happy in Manchester as I am living in London etc. What I am concerned about is my work life. What’s it like being a DC in GMP (as opposed to in the Met if anyone here has experience of both?)? Is there an abundance of opportunity like in London? Is there organised crime in GMP etc.? What about gangs and gang issues? Dealing county lines? As silly as it sounds, will being a “Southerner” hold me back in GMP? I know their recruitment have been very friendly to me but then, most forces in England and Whales are suffering a shortage of detectives. I’m just very concerned that I’ll hate being in GMP as opposed to being a CID officer in London where exciting things happen very often and I am very scared of deeply regretting moving. If anyone has any experience of the CID in Greater Manchester Police, the good and bad points etc. I’d greatly appreciate some advice, either here or in a DM if more appropriate. Many thanks and kind regards, Toblerone.
  2. Sorry to ask silly questions, but when you say you had a greater spectrum of work and a bigger case load, do you mean a greater spectrum in the Met or a greater spectrum in GMP? “Southern Jessie” ahahaha Thanks.
  3. thanks mate that sounds reassuring, can I ask what OCG is an acronym for? Thanks, Toblerone