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  1. Many thanks all for your replies! I didn't go
  2. Hi all, I'm a recent university graduate who's been going through the SEARCH DC recruitment process for the Hampshire Constabulary, and passed the first assessment day a month or so ago. Since then, having done a lot more thinking into the shift work, effect of relationships/social life, etc, which comes with a job in the police, I've come to the decision that my heart's no longer in it anymore. I know these kind of u-turns do happen, but I'm still angry with myself for throwing in the towel. I understand that to be a DC, you've got to really, really want to do it, and unfortunately that's not me right now. My final assessment day is in a few days time, but my partner still thinks I should go anyway because she believes it's a great opportunity and that the job might bring me out of my shell, and that the is experience of another assessment day is a good thing. I feel as though I shouldn't waste their time and that it's unfair on those who do want the job to be in competition with someone who's only going to turn round and say 'thanks, but no thanks' should they pass the final assessment day. What advice would you guys give? I don't want to disappoint my partner and come across as a flake, but at the same time it's not right to put on a facade and attend something which will ultimately be futile.