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  1. Bondirob

    Realistic at my age?

    That's not a problem I'm there to learn regardless of my tutors age. Hopefully being a bit older might come in handy at times
  2. Bondirob

    Realistic at my age?

    Ahh got it thanks thought it was some hr dept
  3. Bondirob

    Realistic at my age?

    Thanks again Skydiver your a great help as well as being funny? I can't apply till some time in September so I'm going to spend the next few weeks doing some due diligence on everything from the application process, the job itself and how the police operate right through to pensions. It's clear to me there is so much I need to learn and I want to make the right decision before I apply.
  4. Bondirob

    Realistic at my age?

    Thanks for that stupid question I know but what is hd? What do they record private life as well as work?
  5. Bondirob

    Realistic at my age?

    Thanks once again Skydiver. Bob is fine it's what I was always called back in my coal mining days? Response sounds how I imagine police work to be. That sort of thing would be right up my street. I want to be kept busy and I've always liked variety at work. Plus I'm very patient and don't get sound up easily. Is this something I could do after the 2 year probation is up?
  6. Bondirob

    Realistic at my age?

    Thanks for taking the time to reply Skydiver. If it is realistic for me and I can afford it I will apply. I'm currently doing continental shifts so im doing weekends Sat night etc. I do miss family life at times but I tend to make it up in other ways like being able to do the school run on occasion. It does sound really interesting compared to what I do now. I'd love to have the chance to move around. In my current position I'm fairly stuck because they struggle to backfill so as a consequence there's really nowhere for me to go. I want the extra responsibility I'm tired of doing my job almost on autopilot. Can I ask what Response entails? The only other thing is I am the main earner and as such I've always wanted to earn as much as I can to look after my family and I do feel a bit selfish in taking a pay cut to follow what I want to do. However my wife is very supportive and thinks it would suit me down to the ground. Thanks for letting me know about the 22k I've just checked and West Yorkshire are offering that amount.
  7. Bondirob

    Realistic at my age?

    Hi, I'm considering applying to West Yorkshire, however I am 43 so would it be a realistic second career at my age? It's sort of now or never I've been an engineer since leaving school but it's not something I'm passionate about. Where as I see joining the police as my way of helping others and contributing to society in some way. Im not considering joining the police for financial reasons as I would be taking a huge pay cut, but how long is it before the initial training is over and the first pay raise comes into effect? I ask because should I be successful I'd be right on the limit financially at 22k Thanks Rob