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  1. Spursman66

    Ill health Pension 24 years Service

    Thanks for all of the advice. Mrs is going to contact retired and happy and is keeping all your suggestions in mind. Am I right though about retiring after 25 years service and start drawing the pension at 50. Under new rules, apparently she would have to stay until she is nearly 60 to draw her pension.
  2. Hi. I am new to this forum and at my wits end with how my wife is being treated. I am an ex police officer so have some idea of how it all works but don't seem to be able to get the facts to enable my wife to take the right decision. My wife is a serving police officer aged 42 with nearly 24 years service and due to a number of personal events is suffering from severe depression. She was advised by occ health/ HR to go down the medical retirement route. She did this and was refused due to having not explored all medical options. Specialist medical practitioner has written a report stating that she is unfit to carry out the role of a police officer but was still refused. She then went back to GP and followed the treatment route again getting CBT and other medical support. Each advising she is unlikely to be mentally fit enough to carry out the role again. So then she went through this process yet again and was again refused as she hadn't explored all options. She has completed everything available to her on the NHS. She has now been off sick over a year, reduced to zero pay which has the obvious knock on effects to our household inc her 10 year old daughter. She is now considering resignation and just walking away for her sanity. It's clear that she won't qualify for medical retirement on mental health grounds. We are down to a couple of options it seems. The first being try and get to 25 years service and then resign as she can then draw a 25 year pension when she gets to 50 or she walks away and waits until 60. I think they are the options but would appreciate any advice to guide us. Federation have been little or no use and it seems that there is little or no help unless we pay expensive solicitor bills.