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  1. threaders

    D & C Crime Rise

    This highlights the old adage, 'lies, damned lies and statistics' ... It raises an interesting point - does this mean the fall in crime usually attributed by the powers that be to having more staff on the ground is equally flawed? Because this is the natural other half of the argument.
  2. threaders

    Rejoiner/Transferee Exam

    Try contacting Paul Connor at checkmate training. He is on the web... He is a font or knowledge and could probably point you in the right direction.
  3. threaders

    Transfer Blues

    Plus cheaper pension liabilities.... Good luck...
  4. threaders


    Entire shift? How do they respond to grade 1s? In traffic role? Advanced driver specials? Surely not!?
  5. threaders

    acting pay

    Bit of advice please folks, when do you start to get paid for acting up? I have about 50 days planned on ad hoc basis, and have done at least 20 recently in a stretch so I thought I would be in the pay zone for all subsequent acting up days. Advice more than welcome.
  6. threaders

    Transfer Blues

    Yes... Familiar scenario. and I sympathize.... I applied for Dorset about 8 years ago - I grew up there and wanted to move back south. At the time they were advertising for sgts boards. Didn't get interview, and when I spoke to them I found that inspectors from other forces were prepared to take reduction in rank to transfer. No brainer for Dorset, but I was gutted. I am still waiting for opportunity to move back south. Devon and Cornwall used to have a transfer list that opened up each new year - I rang up for the last couple of years but had no joy. Dorset is small force with few chances of a move.... We could have a long wait I fear...
  7. threaders

    Street Justice.

    Isn't this simply a form of open restorative justice?
  8. threaders

    End of the road for police pursuits?

    This story comes hot on the heels of the firearms cop who may be facing murder charge.... Stories of psu cops being hauled over the coals for using force... The list goes on... It makes depressing reading, but ultimately it reminds us that we are accountable for everything we do, and that we can be expected to face career / liberty threatening challenges when the wheel comes off. It is a sobering thought. I for one hate the risk aversion culture, but the cops is just a job and we know the rules of the game. It's a job that puts a roof over me head, food on the table, and clothes on my kids backs. Nothing more nothing less. I will always think of my family before I take any risks now. Pathetic, yes, but in this blame culture I don't get paid enough or treated well enough to risk my family security, or that of my staff. And as a supervisor, I remind my staff of that regularly...
  9. threaders

    And so it begins ...

    But they have right to strike... ?? Can't see that going down well with HMG / acpo...
  10. Very worrying times. There will be highly polarized opinions on this matter from every perspective. I take my hat off to those cops who take the decision to carry firearms, however I will never carry one. Not out of a fear or lack of confidence in firearms (ex HMF) but because of the potential consequences of doing your job, should you be unfortunate enough to pull the trigger. Whatever the scenario, whatever the circs, whatever intelligence or tactical planning precedes the incident, regardless of the size of the can of worms it opens, one thing is eternally certain, the blame will always be focussed on the cop on the trigger.
  11. threaders

    Riots may be controlled with chemicals

    I believe the phrase will be "set phasers to stun", followed shortly after by "beam me up Scottie"...
  12. threaders


    And I don't buy the argument that these mega paid individuals with simply Bugger off to tax havens over a 10% difference in tax. Some may, but not all of them will. Conversely do you think that a 10% reduction will see these folks flocking to our shores? I don't. What worries me is the apparent divide in society. Lower paid worked having less income, disposable or otherwise whilst those on 150k will have more. Do the maths yourself: 50% of 150k vs 40% of 150k. In its basic form it works out at 15k reduction in tax. Quite a lot of money, and I bet there are a lot of public sector workers who are on less than that. The argument that these people bring innovation and wealth to the economy is a slightly disingenuous. I would say that the majority of 50% tax payers in the UK are barristers, senior bankers, stock market speculators etc, and not the type of investors who will generate employment on a significant scale. The main employers seeing investment and large scale recruitment in the UK are big multinational companies. Nissan and land rover to name 2. As for the others, if they are prepared to leave the UK and take their business elsewhere on the basis of personal tax allowance, I bid them au revoir and bon voyage.
  13. threaders


    The reduction of 50% rate of tax is an important issue because it only affects the highest echelons of earners. How can it be right, when we are all supposed to be in it together, to freeze the pay of low paid public sector workers who do jobs that support society , whilst at the same time reducing tax on the wealthiest? Even if the take is small, I don't buy the notional that we would get more in tax by reducing the rate to 40%. After all, these lucky individuals are still going to be earning, regaress of tax rate. Freezing of national pay rates won't see those working in challenging areas being paid more. Flexibility to set appropriate pay rates locally will see those in inner city Birmingham, Hull, Bradford, Leeds, Salford, Liverpool etc being paid less. There will be nothing positive coming from these reforms. The basis of the reforms is purely to reduce the cost of public services, not to improve the quality. Want proof? Will a fireman / teacher / social worker who works in Chelsea, Kensington, Wilmslow or other uber affluent area get paid more than the current national average? No, of course they won't.
  14. Not very good research methodology. Questions biased towards a questionable hypothesis. I would be very wary of drawing any conclusions from such a poor set of questions.
  15. threaders

    Winsor, the other bit

    As ex HMF myself, I agree.