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  1. Hi all. This is my first time posting here. Nice to meet you all. I've been writing a novel with police characters inside. Been doing some research online, though there's a lot of parts I'm still not quite sure of and think that some of you could provide a clearer picture of how a day in life of a police look like. Hope it's alright to ask here. :) One of the characters is a young male who aspires to become a police in a fictional country based on UK. He's new on the job. He works in a metropolitan area (similar to London). A few questions I want to ask: Timeline from applying for the job until the person is considered an official police constable. Like does he need to go through an academy? Any test or exam, and if there's any, what kind? Background check and interview? How long each step lasts? How long the whole thing last? I found an article online about some kind of training here https://www.policeuk.com/student_officers.php. Is this accurate? Is there other ways to become a police constable? I've also read somewhere that the training last 6 months, so not sure which one is correct, since the article said 2 years. When do you start working in a police station? Is it after you graduate from the academy? Can you select which station you want to work in? What's a daily routine of a police in a station? What's the hierarchy of police within the station? What you have to do to ride police car? Like is there any form you need to sign? Any requirement? Do you get a car assigned to you? Who can access the city surveillance camera footage, and how? What do a police do on their first day in the police station? How is it like? How does it feel like? Do UK police have field training officer? Like a senior police that goes on patrol with them or tag along to provide guidance and supervision for a time. Let's say if a police did something wrong (like minor misconduct), who is the one who discipline them? Sorry for asking so many questions. I hope the questions don't sound too dump, and thank you anyone for answering!