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  1. WALOB

    Judges win pension case

    Leigh Day are one of the legal firms facing enquiries and prosecution for the cases that they were bringing, on Legal Aid for Iraqis falsely trying to sue soldiers for compensation from the Iraq war. The cases were thrown out of court. If anyone was tempted to sign up with them, then, ring them and find out. Edited 21 hours ago by Zulu 22. Thank you Zulu I have read all about that. Are they the only company who have signed cops up or is there other firms involved. The judges appear to have won their case. The F.B. have lost their's. What has happened with the police, it all seems to have disappeared off the radar completely.
  2. WALOB

    Judges win pension case

    When is the Police Pension Challenge Group as represented by Leigh Day actually presenting their case at Court. Has a date been set yet ?????
  3. WALOB

    State Pension

    Read this with interest I have to say. Having worked all my life and now 54 I visited the Government website to find that I dont qualify for the full state pension but if I work a further 4 years I will do. With only 25 years in I do intend to work on for those 4 years and go off with 29 years service. My wife on the other hand who has also worked all her life, never took time off for kids, we dont have any and is now 61 got a lower forcast than myself. She has had dozens of jobs and has bits of pension pots all over the place. She has to work until she is 66 to get her state pension but am concerned she may not get the full amount. She now only works part time and doesnt earn enough to pay tax. She does however pay NI but only about £20 per month. Her forecast states her amount based on her NI record up to 5th April 2015 is £130.54p per week. Amount you MAY get if you continue to contribute £155.65 which is the full amount on the new scheme. The big question is this. Is she paying enough NI at the moment to make up the difference. Is there a minimum amount you have to pay to get a "Qualifying year". Clearly we all pay different amounts of NI. Someone earning £70,000 a year will pay more NI per year than me but we will still get the same pension if we have worked the same amount of qualifying years. I am concerned that she may have to pay more NI per month with her only working part time and I would rather know now than in 5 years time. Can anyone with a bit of knowledge on these things advise please.