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  1. cheapshots

    Constant false allegations

    Thank you, I will call but I highly doubt the NCDV will help. I'm reading the eligibility for granting an injunction and one of them is: There has been a recent use or threat of physical violence - it is (usually) only a recent use or threat of physical violence within the last 10 days I have been the victim of domestic violence in the past (4 incidents of DV have been recorded by Police and social services too) but nothing recent. Also I'm really fearful of doing anything that I may jeopardise my case for custody of children.
  2. cheapshots

    Constant false allegations

    I called 101 and a Police officer kindly came to see me on Sunday. He did not want to record it was a crime, instead he recorded it as a non-crime domestic. Latest allegation is my father and I tried to run my-ex over outside the family home when we dropped off my son to him. He took pictures of his foot (with shoes on!) and has included the crime reference and picture in his non-molestation order to keep me out my own house.
  3. cheapshots

    Constant false allegations

    Yes there are two sides to every argument and I take everything you said on board. I have a solicitor in place and contact between my ex and I is via them. This has not stopped him making false accusations against me, hence why I asked my initial question. His false allegations have continued so much so that I don't know what to do. I will speak to my solicitor again. Thanks.
  4. cheapshots

    Constant false allegations

    There have been so many false allegations made against me and my family, it really boils my blood. Okay, so hopefully this weekend I'll report the harassment crime and log a complaint for each unlawful arrest. Thank you all
  5. cheapshots

    Constant false allegations

    Thanks Reasonable Man. I'm willing to try anything. His latest allegation is that I ran over his feet as I was dropping off our 8-month old son to him. Apparently the police were called who interviewed my neighbours I know that nothing will come of it because it's not true, but this is really exhausting and there's always a chance Police might arrest me for questioning then release me without charge - something I can do without right now.
  6. cheapshots

    Constant false allegations

    Dear all, Without getting into all the details, which'll probably bore you to death, I wondered if anybody can help me with a problem I have. My husband and I are going through a messy divorce (started Jan 2017) and he's making countless false allegations against me and my family in order to build a case for custody of our children. We have two children and a jointly owned family home. Since Jan 2017 I have been living in my parents house. Believe it or not, my mum, dad and I have been arrested (released without charge) due to my husbands various lies. Just to give you a slight insight, below is an example of one of his lies that the Police acted on: 05.02.17 - We organised via solicitors for my mother to go to my house to collect a few of my personal belongings as my husband changed the locks plus I didn't want to see him. My mother was accompanied by a Police officer who was video recording, and my husband was also present. She collected a baby pram (for my 8-month old) and few toys etc. One week later my mum was arrested (and released without charge) for stealing the pram as my husband claimed it was stolen! I pleaded with the arresting officer that it was a baby pram for our 8-month old worth £50 and that I had the cash receipt located at my home, additionally it was taken under police witness and my husband was also present - he simply didn't care/believe me. It's got to the point where I'm actually scared about what other lies he's made up, and unfortunately the Police just seem to act on them. I have made a complaint to the Force (Met), however I don't think this will deter my husband from making up more lies. Is there anything I can do to stop his almost constant barrage of false accusations against me and my family?