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  1. Tpot81

    Moped tyres

    I am have read and understand the statement
  2. Tpot81

    Moped tyres

    Sorry I mean tubed tyre dam auto correct
  3. Tpot81

    Moped tyres

    Can anyone offer a bit of advice on tyre law for a 50cc scooter. I sent my wife to have the the rear tyre changed on my moped. When I got home she said that he only had a tuned tyre and the tread is different from the front wheel. (Tread looks very similar to a car tyre and not a modern day bike tyre) 1) Would it be ok to mix a front tubeless and rear tuned tyre? 2) I know it's not recommended but is ok to run two tyre of different tread styles. I'm a bit cautious now because a friend told me he heard tubeless tyres are illegal now but I can't find any information relating to this. Thank you in advance.