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  1. Mon1275

    Ill health retirement - why the long wait?

    Thanks for the input and advice everyone. It looks like the process varies heavily from force to force, so I'll just have to wait it out. I've contacted the fed for advice, just waiting for a reply. I think I'll bug HR each week for an update though, just so they don't forget my case. thanks, Simon.
  2. Mon1275

    Ill health retirement - why the long wait?

    Thanks Hiramabif, the length of time you had to wait for the decision seems reasonable. I saw the equivalent to your healthworks doctor in October and I'm still waiting for a decision. Surely this can't be right? I've looked around for information on the web and the only thing relevant appears to be PNB Circular 10/4 (improving the management of ill health). This gives deadlines for the completion of each stage of the decision, once the SMP has submitted his report. This is where I am at and according to the circular, the decision making process shouldn't take longer than 3 months (including the 28 day notice period). Almost 6 months later, I'm still waiting. The PNB Circular is a little outdated, as it talks about the police authority making the final decision, however I don't think the process has changed, just the decision maker. Does anyone know if the information in the circular is binding, or can forces ignore it if they wish? Looking at some of the online force policies for ill health retirement, most seem to have based them on this PNB Circular. I've asked for a copy of our force medical retirement policy and I've been informed that they don't have one. Shocking! thanks again for everyone's input, Simon
  3. Mon1275

    Ill health retirement - why the long wait?

    Thanks for the input so far everyone. Just to confirm, I've already been seen by the independent doctor that our force medical officer refered me to. He examined me and has declared that I am permanently disabled, as per the regulations, so I'm eligible for ill health retirement. All I'm currently waiting for is my force to decide whether they are going to retain me, or retire me. Biilysboots, do you know how much of the 14 months was taken up by the "retire or retain" decision part of the process? Zulu 22, thanks for the advice. I've been trying to avoid creating too much fuss by involving the federation, but HR seem to be ignoring me, so I don't think I have any choice. Hiramabif, how long after you saw the doctor from Healthworks were you given the decision that you were going to be retired? Thanks, Simon
  4. You guys seem a knowledgable bunch and as I can't seem to get an answer from HR, I thought I'd try my luck here. Last May, due to a long term illness, I was put on the ill health retirement path. I saw the SMP in early October and he judged that I was permanently disabled. Apart from a meeting with HR in mid November (looking at my capability and possible roles) I've heard nothing more. I went off sick in mid Jan, due to my long term illness, so while I was off I emailed HR to see what was happening with my case. I had no reply, so in the end I had to involve the federation in order to get an update from HR. I eventually received an update in February and I was told that because I was off sick, they were going to put a referral in to the force doctor, before compiling their ill health retirement report. I don't understand this, as the SMP has already made his decision and written his report on my capability. Can HR really drag out the A20 decision on whether to medically retire me or not for what is now 5 Months? The SMP gave his decision on 7th October and sent his report the same day (I know this, as he sent me a copy at the same time). I know the H1 process is a long one, but I thought it speeded up once the SMP had made their decision. Any help/advice is appreciated, Simon PS I'm on the 1987 pension, if that makes any difference.