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  1. TheButler

    International Transfer

    Just found out they are not accepting transferees from an international force and that I would have to apply as a fresh faced recruit and go through probation again. With all the things I'm reading about amount of staff most response teams are working with this seems like a very short sighted policy, but from what I'm reading on here perhaps I have dodged a bullet. Cheers,
  2. TheButler

    International Transfer

    You're not in charge of recruiting are you??
  3. TheButler

    International Transfer

    Haha yes I think it would be a significant drop in pay, however I like to think the cost of living, lifestyle and being close to family would soften the blow. At the moment it really is just a consideration. I have seen that the constabulary I am interested in is currently accepting applications from another police force (international or not, not specified). Looking through the previous threads there appears to be a lack of morale amongst the troops which I find to be a bit disconcerting. Is the job in blighty as stuffed as people make out? I mean the job isn't perfect here but I'm sure there are positives???
  4. TheButler

    International Transfer

    Hello everyone. I'm a copper in Australia and considering coming back home to work. Just curious if anyone has ever done this and if anyone would be able to compare "the job" in Australia against it in England. Cheers,